Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Artist Spotlight: Mew

Few bands come to mind when I think of the word “beautiful.” For those of you unfamiliar with the Danish pop band Mew, they are renowned for their angelic, surreal instrumentals mixed with a very soft bliss-pop feel and the occasional nostalgic taste of cheap 80’s electro. Mew’s entrancing, original sound first seduced the world in 1997 with their debut A Triumph For Man which set a strong base for the band to grow off of, and they certainly have. Mew(two) (Zack's Note: I had to make the joke at least once. Sorry.) is one of those bands that is always evolving and their sound seems to morph before your brain can even process the beauty. Over the past 8 years Mew has created what is now some of, in my opinion, the most unique music around. It’s hard to recommend just a few songs by Mew because of their diverse track lists. To be honest, choosing a limited amount of Mew songs for this post is as difficult as Ron Jeremy trying to fit his penis in a Snapple bottle….it just doesn’t work. For this reason, I will just attempt to recommend some of the most diverse tracks. Download them all now, get the KY out, turn off the lights and brace yourself. Visit Mew’s Website

not to be confused with http://www.mew.org/ (but you should go there anyway because there are cute kittens)

Downloads 156 [from Half The World Is Watching Me 2000] The opening to this song is just fantastic. Take notice of how many different melodies and time changes there are in this song. Just like in Am I Wry No all the changes come at the perfect times. Comforting Sounds [from Frengers 2003] “Comforting Sounds” is truly that. It sets a tone in the first 2 minutes then explodes and expands before your ears. It's definitely one of my favorite songs by Mew and is gorgeous. Wheels Over Me [from A Triumph For Man 1997] The rhythm in this song is first rate, and, like all Mew songs, each step of the song is blended to perfection. Not only does this song have “ooohs” it also has some dropping the beat and math rock style guitar stops towards the end. Am I Wry No [from Frengers 2003] I posted “Am I Wry No” in my 10 song list. This is the best example of Mew’s seamless musical growth within a song. It hits you in all the right places, and will take you to a dream world of magic no doubt. Their most epic and memorable song. The Zookeeper’s Boy [from And The Glass Handed Kites 2005] Mew’s latest, this is within the realm of Am I Wry No musically. With layered vocals and synth drums they really kick it up a notch. It also keeps with the trend of weird vocals but unfortunately doesn’t have as impressive tempo changes.

Monday, January 30, 2006

A Warm Winter Day

Ok, so DC isn't exactly known for harsh winters, but it's getting to be kind of ridiculous. It's January 30th and the average temperature today was 60 degrees. I was outside playing football in a t-shirt in shorts, and i was sweating (granted i sweat all the goddamn time). Anyways, Austin decided that since today was such a warm winter day, we must post a song to express this. Enter Lewis, another solid electro-pop band from Canada. This song is truly beautiful and relaxing, much like the weather here in the Nation's capital. Trust me though, you don't need to be in the Dirty District today to enjoy this track. Holla! Lewis - A Warm Winter's Day [download or die]

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Brand New Demos

UPDATE: I have received many e-mails from Brand New fans wanting the rest of the demo album, so i have added the four previously unavailable tracks to the listing at the bottom. Thanks for the feedback, and enjoy the 4 extra tracks. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that Brand New demos were afloat somewhere on the internet off of Hate Something Beautiful. It took me a while but I managed to find them off of a torrent search engine (which seem to be the source of basically anything these days). After two succesful releases off of Triple Crown Records, it was exciting to finally catch a glimpse of what would be released by the band off of major-label Interscope Records, hopefully this year. Now it hurts me to write anything the least bit negative about this band, but I'm going to go ahead and say that these demos have lowered my expectations to the follow-up of 2003's Deja Entendu. I may be being too critical, considering these are only demos, but I can safely say that you won't be finding memorable tracks such as "Sic Transit Gloria" or "Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't." I'm not going to make any big judgements on the lyrics considering I don't have them in written form, but nothing has stood out to me, yet. One thing is for certain though: Brand New has managed to shake off the emo-tag that had remained with them throughout Your Favorite Weapon and Deja Entendu. I can't choose one song that would be the new album's "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows" (Deja's one track that reminds me of YFW). The demos seem to include a lot more acoustic guitars than any of Brand New's previous releases. Whether these two things are good is up to you. I don't know whether these demos make up the entire album, or whether all these tracks will be used at all. Hopefully there are still some great tracks we have yet to see. But by no means will this album be bad. It's just hard to follow up to Deja Entendu, one of my favorite albums of all time. But it's great to finally hear something from the band, who seem to have been locked up in the studio for quite some time now. Regardless of my opinion of the demos, expect some great things from Brand New in the future, but don't expect another Deja Entendu. Here are five demo tracks off of this album. Tracks 2, 5, and 9 are my personal favorites, while tracks 4 and 7 show the new direction that Brand New is heading. Brand New - Untitled Track 2 Brand New - Untitled Track 4 Brand New - Untitled Track 5 Brand New - Untitled Track 7 Brand New - Untitled Track 9 Here are the other four tracks that many of you requested: Brand New - Untitled Track 1 Brand New - Untitled Track 3 Brand New - Untitled Track 6 Brand New - Untitled Track 8 (Note: If any of you Interscope bounty hunters out there would like these songs removed, just email us and we'll kindly do so) -Adrian

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Beatles Covers

I was searching through my music library today and discovered that I have a bunch of Beatles covers by some quality bands. I hadn't really listened to them, so i played all of them and realized that I had to share them with you. I have chosen my favorites. Let me know which ones you like... First off, I have a cover of John Lennon's famous "Grow Old With Me" by the immortal Postal Service. This song is slower than most Postal Service jams, but still just as emotional. This song was released in Mid-December on a benefit album for Amnesty international. The album, Make Some Noise, features Lennon covers by The Postal Service, The Black Eyed Peas, Snow Patrol, and others. You can buy specific tracks off the album, or buy the whole thing. It's definitely worth the price and the money goes to a good cause. The Postal Service - Grow Old With Me (John Lennon Cover) The next cover features one of my favorite up-and-coming bands, The Subways. These guys are raw and passionate, but they appear slightly more refined for this cover of The Beatles smash hit, "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away". The track was released on The Subways latest single, No Goodbyes, and is my personal favorite of all of the covers. Check it out. The Subways - You've Got to Hide Your Love Away The last four tracks are all featured on a Beatles tribute album, The Bird Has Flown: A 40th Anniversary Tribute to the Beatles' Rubber Soul, which was released in November 2005. Many popular artists including Sufjan Stevens, Ted Leo, Ben Lee, the Donnas, and Ben Harper cover some great Beatles tracks. I have chosen my four favorite off of the album, but i recommend you go and purchase the whole CD. Ted Leo - Looking Through You Sufjan Stevens - What Goes On The Donnas - Drive My Car Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals - Michelle

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sparrow House

Since Alex hasn't given me his account information, meaning I can't format his post, and since Ryan hasn't finished his top 10 yet, I have something to tide you guys over until then. I got this band from Gorilla vs. Bear, one of the best, if not the best blog out there. I recommend everyone go over there and read everything Chris writes. Anyways, here is an excerpt from Chris's post on Sparrow House: "Sparrow House is Voxtrot's Jared Van Fleet. By my own conservative estimate, I've played this song about 50 times this weekend, and it gets better with each listen. Just perfect..." I couldn't agree more. I downloaded this song just a few days ago and already have it completely stuck in my head. As Austin said, this song is "poorly recorded, but in a good way." Sometimes songs that aren't refined have the emotion that can't be expressed when the song is made clean-cut. Have a listen. Sparrow House - When I'm Gone And for those of you unlucky few to have never heard of Voxtrot, here is probably the best song off of their latest EP, Raised By Wolves. For a more detailed description of the band and song, wait until M3 Volume 7 is released over at GWFAS. This song might've found its way onto it (God I love inside information). Voxtrot - The Start of Something Hopefully this will hold you over as you are all probably dying in anticipation of Alex and Ryan's top 10's.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Adrian's Top 10

Hey everybody! It's me, Adrian! I'm a freshman at Georgetown University in Washinton, DC. I enjoy playing guitar, chinese food, and Derek Davies (from GWFAS) Thanks to an invitation from Mr. Zachary Friendly to contribute to All Things Go, I will try and bring you what I see as the best music out there today. I am primarily into the whole rock/emo/hardcore genre, as well as indie, hip-hop, and anything else that makes me want to "shake my groove thang." Here's a list of ten songs that I enjoy, some of it new, some of it from days of yore. They should give you an idea of what I listen to. Enjoy! 1. We Are Scientists - The Great Escape I have been listening to this New York-based trio's latest release, With Love and Squalor, non-stop for the past week. I dare you to try and not dance while listening to almost any song off this album...seriously. It's post-punk dance-rock at its finest. 2. The Fall of Troy - What Sound Does A Mastodon Make? Rarely these days is it that I hear a band create material as original as this, combining elements commonly found in the hardcore scene today with some of the most innovative guitar riffs I have ever heard. Although not off of their latest album, Doppelganger, this epic track is still sure to blow your mind. 3. Panic! at the Disco - But It's Better If You Do Finally, something worth listening to is spewed out of the raging pop-punk machine. Having never embarked on a single tour prior to being discovered by Fall Out Boy's bassist/scout-extraordinaire Pete Wentz, Panic! is taking the country by storm at a surprisingly fast rate. Combining pop-punk with both electronic sounds and vaudevillian piano to form their own unique sound, P!ATD's album, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, should be a nice return for those who gave up on the genre. 4. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Timorous Me Everytime this song comes on in the car, we (namely Zack and I) start singing this song in painfully high falsetto voices. That consitutes a top ten song for me. Besides, this song will brighten up your day no matter how down you're feeling. 5. Explosions in the Sky - Have You Passed Through This Night? Several members of the band didn't even know how to play their instruments when they formed. Years later, they are invited to write the entire musical score for the movie Friday Night Lights. By layering simple reverberating guitar riffs with accompanying bass and percussion, EITS manage to turn each of their songs into an epic track. 6. Osker - Motionless This band is the reason I listen to the music I do today (discounting Blink-182, Backstreet Boys, and every other embarassing band I pretend not to listen to anymore). The now defunct Osker, comprised of only two permanent members, wrote their last album, Idle Will Kill, before they even turned twenty. Impassioned punk-rock bordering on emo, Osker maintains a simple yet unique sound which, although gone unnoticed by many, should appeal to listeners of all sorts. 7. Brand New - Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't "I am heaven sent. Don't you dare forget." This song gives me chills every time I listen to it. Jesse Lacey is a natural-born songwriter. There's not much else I can say other than this has been my favorite song for several years now. I suggest listening to it if you haven't done so yet. 8. Jurassic 5 - The Influence I know I'm not the official voice of hip-hop on ATG, but I couldn't pass up mentioning this song. With a chorus comprised simply of "dah-dah's," J5 has managed to produce the only hip-hop song I can actually sing along to (well, other than Gettin' Jiggy Wit It). 9. Q and Not U - Book of Flags I know Austin has alread covered some of these hometown heroes' older material, so I figured I'd suggest a song off their last album, Power. Q and Not U moved away from their trademark indie style for a more dance-based sound. That isn't to say the album isn't worth listening to; Q and Not U manage to create dance-worthy tracks in a way nobody else could. 10. Rx Bandits - Decrescendo I figured I should end with my favorite artist-album combination, the Rx Bandits' The Resignation. Tossing the ska towel for a more rock-based experimental sound, the Bandits have proven to be a lot more powerful of a band than has been shown on their previous albums. This final track off the album is a perfect example of their talent. Seeing as everybody else has posted an eleventh track, here's a happy go-lucky song (with accompanying video) that some of you may enjoy... 11. Hellogoodbye - Call and Return Honestly, watch the video (here) and tell me you didn't laugh. I dare you. That's it for me. See you all next time!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Austin's Top 10

First off I would like to say this is by no means my top 10 favorite songs, as it’s just too hard for me to narrow down my top “favorites”. Instead I compiled a list of 10 of my most diverse top rated songs that you, the people may not know about. Now listen up bitch(es)!....awh yeah 1. Circa Survive – Juturna This is the title track of off the debut Circa Survive album. Anthony Green left Saosin in the dust when he started Circa Survive and replaced his fame with a fresh progressive sound that is following in the foot steps of The Mars Volta. 2. The Good Life – Album Of The Year This has been a sleeper favorite of mine for quite a while now and I think it deserves a place on my list. Tim Kasher of “Cursive” displays some amazing song writing on this project, and I think this song is a case in point. 3. Q and Not U – Air Conditions A song that is often overlooked. Listen closely to all the sound in this song. It is truly brilliant. 4. Mew – Am I Wry No Two words, Danish Pop. This song is just so cool. 5. Radio Head – Ideoteque By far one of my all time favorites. It’s smooth, yet brutal at the same time. Also when his voice kind of cracks when Thom Yorke belts out “This is really happening” (at 2:14) I get goose bumps. 6. Fairweather – The Culling Song It’s really unfortunate that Fairweather is not around anymore, as they were one of my favorite DC area bands. I was lucky enough to see them play their last show. They ended with this song, and it really blew me away. I remember people standing around me crying as they slowly wound the song down and left the stage for the last time. 7. I’m From Barcelona – Tree House This is an up and coming track and band that will be in stuck in your head for weeks. This song just makes me feel good. 8. Broken Social Scene – KC Accidental An amazing, explosive ballad. I’ve never heard any other band create such sounds with guitars. The drums are hot shit, and the note the song ends on is perfect 9. The Unicorns – Tuff Ghost I knew I had to put The Unicorns on this list because they are just the best! It was hard to pick a song, so I just chose “Tuff Ghosts” because I like the lyrics and it’s a jam. 10. Murder by Death – You Are The Last Dragon Murder by Death is by far one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen. Their studio work really doesn’t do them justice. They have so many amazing songs, buy their CD’s (here) and more importantly DO NOT miss them in concert And of course, the bonus track. 11. Adam Arcuagi – The Screen (Philadelphia) Some one sign him now! This song just digs into me and has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. By the way, if anybody can find any thing else by Adam Arcuagi please tell me where…I’ve been searching forever! Well there you have it, 11 songs of pure pleasure! Get ready for some crazy go nuts artist profiles to come. Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite song.

Zack's Top 10 (or 11)

Before I make my first post, I would like all of you loyal readers (all 8 of you) to head over to Good Weather For Airstrikes , a music blog run by our good friends Derek and Everett. These guys, and Derek in particular, is the reason why I wanted to make this blog, and I also make contributions to GWFAS from time to time (like this one) so be sure to check them out. Derek also designed the header for ATG, so if you enjoy it, shout him a holler. On with the post… Hey ya. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Zack and I am a senior in high school in Washington, DC. I enjoy cheeseburgers, music, the Washington Redskins, and my right hand. My musical pallet might be more diverse than the other four guys, but that’s not to say that my tastes are better (they are). I enjoy upbeat indie rock, smooth basslines, dance grooves and the occasional bass-laced hip-hop. I also completely overuse and abuse the words “awh yeah”. Before I explain my list of songs, I must first tell you that it is physically impossible to choose 10 songs to sum up the music I enjoy, and I could only narrow the list down to 11, so deal with it. Without further adieu (pronounced ÃH-DÈW), here are my top 11 jams, in no particular order. 1. Neutral Milk Hotel – King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1 This song was released in 1998, and NMH has since disbanded, much to my dismay. I used to listen to this song in 8th grade, and it still makes me feel all warm inside. Just an all-around beautiful song. 2. The Faint – Glass Danse This song is so good it makes me want to create a new genre of music solely to do The Faint justice. This genre will be called dancetastica. My body convulses at the 1:25 point in the song, and I can’t help but dance like only white boys with complete and utter lack of rhythm can. 3. Talib Kweli – Get By As I said before, I do enjoy hip-hop, and Talib might be my favorite MC, along with DJ Shadow, Jurassic 5, and The Roots. This song just flows so well and Talib does something that ordinary rappers cannot; keep a complex beat from stealing his thunder. Talib overshadows a ridiculous beat by dropping unbelievable rhymes. This song was an easy choice. 4. Belle & Sebastian – I’m A Cuckoo It was hard for me not to choose a song off of B&S’s newest album, The Life Pursuit, because I thoroughly enjoy every track, but I had to go back one album to find this gem. Quite possibly the happiest, most upbeat song I have ever heard, I’m a Cuckoo finds its way on to my car stereo every day on the way to school. Any song with the opening lyrics “I’m glad to see you, I had a funny dream, you were wearing funny shoes” is alright by me. 5. The Decemberists – July, July! Warning: When listening to The Decemberists, you might want to have a dictionary handy. Lead singer Colin Meloy has been known to use words such as “joie de vivre” and “fecundity”, but don’t worry, you don’t need to understand the lyrics to enjoy the music. 6. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – Walking to Do Ted Leo is my favorite musician ever. I have seen him live four times and hopefully will be seeing him again when he comes to the Black Cat March 24th. While his music is perfect for any mood or situation, it is best heard live. He, along with those wacky pharmacists, put on a passionate live show, and I demand that every reader of this blog go download any of his albums, especially his 2004 release, Shake the Sheets. In Walking to Do, Ted makes a reference to DC, his and my hometown. “Rock Creek Park to The Ave., and on past the zoo, there's a whole lot of walking to do” 7. Death Cab for Cutie – Brothers on a Hotel Bed I love Death Cab, and anything Death Cab-related. This happens to be one of my favorite songs of theirs, and this is the re-release version that appeared on their newest album, Plans. After hearing this song, I spent an hour on my keyboard trying to figure out how to play the opening piano line. 8. The Futureheads – Hounds of Love This track is a cover of a Kate Bush song, though this version is “less lame” than the original, according to Derek. The song starts with incredible back-and-forth vocals and never slows down. These guys are big in the UK, which, unfortunately, means nothing in the US. Goddamn you Paul Wall and Natasha Beddingfield. 9. Mates of State – Goods I must quote Derek again on this one, as I couldn’t put my love for this song into words. “The point where the "bah-bah-bah-bahs" explode into a "wa-oh-oh!" at the beginning of this song (the 0:22 mark to be exact) is one of my favorite musical moments of the past year, and the rest of the song is just as fantastic”. ‘Nuff said. 10. Spoon – The Way We Get By I had a hard time choosing between this song and ‘I Turn My Camera On’, but I came to the conclusion that I love any song with pianos, so this song was the logical choice. My girlfriend (and possible future contributor) will hate me for choosing this song over ‘I Turn...’ but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make in the name of the good lord Spoon. 11. Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulasky Day The first time I heard this song might’ve been the most moving and emotional five minutes and fifty-four seconds of my life (and if you haven’t noticed, exaggeration is kinda my shtick). I happened to see Sufjan last fall in DC, and he quickly became one of my favorite artists. I love all of his work, and recommend that everyone check out Illinoise, Sufjan’s most recent masterpiece. That concludes my top 11 post. I hope you enjoyed my music and descriptions, and hopefully you found some new music along the way. Stay tuned for the other top 10 posts which will be up in the next few days (blogging is hard). Peace out.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Inaugural Post

Holla. Welcome to All Things Go. This is the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. (Note: there aren't seven of us, we dont live in a house, we dont have our lives taped and Ryan is neither polite nor real.)
Anyways, this blog will serve as a vehicle for the five of us to let you know how much better our music is than yours. Over the next few days we will each be posting a mix of 10 songs that will help you readers understand our tastes in music. Give us some feedback in the comments section, and tell all of your friends, because pretty much this blog is a big ego boost for us. Stay tuned.