Sunday, March 26, 2006

Super Post

Note: A lot of people have been asking me to email them the underoath cd. It'd be a lot easier for me to send files through AOL Instant Messenger. So if you want the cd, just IM me at OnearmedScizzer and I'd be happy to send it to you. Update: In regards to the Underoath post, the band released this message on their website today. According to the statement, the material that has been released on the internet is not complete. As to how different the final product will be from the posted material, I don't know. Read to learn more. Alright, so schoolwork has been piling up, making it very difficult to find time to write up and entire post. Luckily, I've finally found sometime to write something out for you guys. I've been to several shows in the past few weeks, but it's too late to write out full length reviews for each of them. So I've figured out a quick, simple, self-explainatory way of describing them to you. Here it goes! Awesome: Men Women and Children, Motion City Soundtrack, Paramore, Reggie and the Full Effect (and Fluxuation and Common Denominator), The Format Good: Silverstein, Matchbook Romance Meh: The Matches, The Early November Uh-boo!: Amber Pacific I think that's it. Listen and download accordingly. And now for the rest of the post... First off, HORSE the band. HORSE is quite the interesting band. I've heard some people describe them as "Nintendo-core." I see where that comes from. At first listen, you may think there just an ordinary metal band. This would be true, but what seperates this band from others in its genre is their use of synthesizers. The world has seen a major reintroduction of the keyboard into rock music. For example, there's the dance-pop punk sound of Panic! at the Disco, the disco style of Men Women and Children, and the trademark moog sound of Motion City Soundtrack. HORSE's usage of the keyboard sounds nothing like any of these. To put it most simply, take a metal band and throw in some (old school) Zelda, Mario, or anything of the sort. And there you have it...I guess. What's great about HORSE is that they make metal music you can smile and laugh to. Dark metal riffs are infused with "sunshiney" keyboard parts. But that's not to say they're all fun and games. In fact, I may be creating the wrong image of them. HORSE still comes off as a metal band to me, but the addition of arcade-sounding keyboards makes them quite an interesting band. I've never heard anything done quit the way they do. I also don't want to take attention away from the rest of the band. The other musicians in HORSE know their music and can play their instruments well; HORSE's latest release, The Mechanical Hand is chock full of crazy metal guitar riffs. Take a listen to these two songs and you'll hopefully see what I mean. Also, make sure to catch them on tour with the Fall of Troy and Poison the Well in the next month or two. HORSE the Band - Lord Gold Throneroom
HORSE the Band - The Black Hole

Yes, the new Underoath album leaked, and yes, it's awesome. Underoath has definetly witnessed a change in sound. After The Changing of Times, Underoath, as well as getting a new vocalist, went for a more melodic hardcore sound on their last release, They're Only Chasing Safety. For their newest Album, Define the Great Line, the band returns to a more hardcore sound, but one more to the likes of friends such as Killswitch Engage and The Chariot. This is definetly a plus because it allows the band to advance forwards as musicians; there's a lot more focus on instrumentals rather than catchy hooks or chorus-lines. For this release, I definetly think Underoath took a step in the right direction. It may not be for every fan of TOCS, but it will definetly please those with an appreciation for the hardcore/metalcore genre. This isn't just screamo. And as always, if you'd like the entire cd, instant message me.
And now for another Angels & Airwaves track. I'm not going to write anything to describe it, other than it's got the same feel as the other two songs I've posted before. Presale's for the band's tour, beginning in May I think, have already been released. Unfortunately, they're only stopping in major cities (at least for now). Either way, for those of you close enough, I highly recommend buying tickets right now. Angels & Airwaves - The Gift
Alright, that's all for now. I'll try and write more often. -Adrian P.S. I also have some other AVA tracks, but they're radio edits (meaning that it's a minute or two of radio quality songs and then a guy comes in interviewing Tom). If you want 'em, IM me (onearmedscizzer) and I'll send them to you.

Spring Break Sorrow

Ah, the magical time of year when people get to travel to exotic locals, such as Florida (Alex), California (Austin), and Amsterdam/Spain (Zack), while I get to stay home and do absolutely nothing. Being one of the least heard members of ATG, I feel like now's the perfect time to explain why I don't post the same amount that they do. To put it plain and simple, I can't find music that I like nowadays. Yeah, there's some good stuff out there, but most of the music I read and hear about, on this site and others, just doesn't seem to wow me. I get made fun of alot for my near-obsession with The Clash (they're just so damn good!), and people, ie. the members of this site keep asking me why I don't listen to different music. I can't find it! Even with iTunes and blogs like this one, I can't seem to get my hands around anything worth anything. For example, this past week, I was checking around the internet for new releases, trying to find something to write about, and being the isolated music-hermit that I am, thought that I could write about, of all bands, Artic Monkeys. I know. They're the most hyped-up and talked about band this year. But I didn't know that. Needless to say, I feel out of touch with the music trends of today. And that's why I don't post as often. P.S. Sorry that there's no music on this post, I'm trying to figure out how to do it. And expect a review of Artic Monkeys' show at the 930 club this upcoming week. P.P.S. Music suggestions are welcome!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Belle & Sebastian with The New Pornographers Live at 9:30, 3/6/06

This post is fairly long overdue because, well, I'm just incredibly lazy. A few weeks ago, 3/5 of All Things Go (Zack, Austin, Adrian), all of GWFAS (Derek, Everett) and 3 good friends of ours (Avi, Claire, Suzanne) went on an adventure to the 9:30 club in Washington, DC to see Belle & Sebastian and The New Pornographers perform together (thanks again to Claire for hooking Adrian, Suzanne, and I up with the tickets). NPR, who seems to be the new authority on interesting music, was there to record the show as well for their program, All Things Considered. See below for those downloads. Doors opened at 7:00 and TNP came on at 8:30, but due to some "extracurricular" activities, we didn't arrive at the show until closer to 9:00, meaning we missed a few crucial tracks. We entered just as one of my personal favorites, "Graceland", was beginning. Even though I only caught about 2/3 of the song, this was probably my highlight for TNP. Granted, we missed two of my favorites from their new album ("Twin Cinema" and "Use It"). I'd be lying to you if I said i kinda wished TNP would finish so that I could see Belle & Sebastian, one of my favorite bands, but TNP put on a strong show, especially since they were playing without alt-country phenom Neko Case, who apparently was "too busy" to come play. Lead singer Carl (A.C.) Newman was fairly quiet throughout the show, but then near the end he wouldn't stop talking. He apparently had cut his finger and was in need of a band-aid, which was supposed to be funny for the rest of us, but alas, was not. The true highlights of the show were passionate renditions of "The Slow Descent into Alcoholism" as well as the finale, "Sing Me Spanish Techno". I was expecting a little more out of TNP, and while I love live shows, I felt that their recorded stuff was more enjoyable than hearing it live. Who knows, maybe they just had an off-night. Still, their performance was enjoyable, and I recommend picking up the recording by NPR. Kevin from So Much Silence has hosted all of The New Pornographers songs on his blog, so head on over there (songs 1-7 and songs 8-13), or pick them up from All Things Considered. The setlist for The New Pornographers show: Twin Cinema Use It July Jones Jackie Graceland The End of Medicine Testament to Youth in Verse The Body Says No Breakin' the Law The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism The Bleeding Heart Show Sing Me Spanish Techno

A few minutes, and two delicious quesadillas later, we were graced with the presence of Stuart Murdoch and his glorious troupe, Belle & Sebastian. I have to be honest when I say that these guys were the entire reason I went to this show. As enjoyable as TNP may be, Stuart and the rest of his crew have been a favorite band of mine for a few years now, and I wanted so desperately to see them live. Needless to say i was not disappointed. The group opened with a laid-back song, "Expectations", from their 1999 release, Tigermilk but then jumped straight into the first single, "Another Sunny Day", off of their latest album, The Life Pursuit. The band required no introduction, and everyone in the audience seemed to know the lyrics to every song they put on. The crowd was filled with old-school B&S fans who loved hearing older hits like "Your Cover's Blown" (a highlight of the show), "She's Losing It", and "Electric Renaissance". There were also plenty of fans who have just become familiar with B&S either through The Life Pursuit or Dear Catastrophe Waitress, another incredibly strong and relatively recent B&S album. These fans loved "The Blues are Still Blue", "If You Find Yourself Caught in Love", and especially "Funny Little Frog". The group didn't formally introduce themselves until a cute little role-call right at the end of the show. Stuart introduced all the members while the dirty guitar line from "White Collar Boy" slowly built up to fruition. This was definitely a highlight of the show, and Stuart is quite a bit funnier than people would expect. The show featured Belle & Sebastian music for older and newer fans, and was one of the more enjoyable shows I've been to in my life. While they did leave out a few of my favorites (The Boy With the Arab Strap, Step Into My Office Baby, Sleep the Clock Around), they pretty much covered all the hits, with a slight emphasis on the newer songs, naturally. They even played my favoritest song, "I'm a Cuckoo", and rocked the house with it. All and all, an incredible show for the crew from Glasgow, Scotland. Below is the setlist for the Belle & Sebastian performance, along with the links to each live version of the song. Thanks again to Austin for taking the time to seperate each song, which I know takes quite alot of work. Belle & Sebastian Live at the 9:30 Club:

Expectations Another Sunny Day Women's Realm Sukie in the Graveyard Electric Renaissance The Loneliness of a Middle Distance Runner To Be Myself Completely The Blues Are Still Blue (The song was cut off) Piazza, New York Catcher Belle and Sebastian Funny Little Frog She's Losing It Your Cover's Blown (We couldn't handle the synth line with the video screens) Dog On Wheels I'm A Cuckoo (incredible) The Wrong Girl If You Find Yourself Caught in Love Judy and the Dream of Horses White Collar Boy (listen to the role call in the beginning) Me and the Major

Plus some banter between Stuart, the crowd, and the rest of B&S Here are some more pictures of the show, taken by our two lovely ladies Suzanne and Claire.

The New Pornographers rockin' the house
Carl (A.C.) Newman of TNP
Adrian, Me, Claire, and Derek enjoying B&S
Stuart of Belle & Sebastian
Austin couldn't handle the synth line in Your Cover's Blown
Belle & Sebastian
- Zack (w/ help from Austin)
NOTE: I am going to Europe today, and I wont be back until next Sunday. I hope you guys don't miss me too much, while im checkin out the scenery in Amsterdam and Barcelona. I will be able to check email and check the site.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Themed Thursday: Embarrassing Songs

This week’s Themed Thursday will let you see a new side of the All Things Go Team. You will get to see songs that we are embarrassed to have on our computer, but love anyways. These songs can be overplayed garbage that we still love, or music from artists who we really shouldn’t. This allows you to discover the darker, more trashy sides of the five of us. Here are our selections for this week’s Themed Thursday, Embarassing Songs. Alex’s Pick: Le Tigre - Deceptacon I'm generally pretty embarrassed by the fact that I listen to Le Tigre (quite often actually) so I figured they would make a great addition for this Thursday. Deceptacon, in my book, is one of those you just can't help but love. It's also great for car rides, and I requested it every 10 minutes while we were driving up to beach a few weeks ago. Ryan’s Pick: Be For U (B4U) - Breakdown This song makes me feel like a young japanese school girl, and anything that can do that deserves my love and shame. Adrian's Pick: Backstreet Boys - Get Down (You're the One for Me) (Description written by Zack) I've got nothing to say to this. Adrian chose Backstreet Boys. He trumps all of us. Zack’s Pick: Eric PrydzCall On Me This song is absolutely amazing and you know it. For those of you indie/emo kids who can’t or don’t want to dance, put this on and try real hard to keep still. It’s impossible. “Call On Me” is so infectious, you can’t help but pump a few pelvises or shake your groove thing. Even better than the song is the incredible video, featuring absurdly attractive women doing the most sexual workout routine ever (watch it HERE). Yes I am embarrassed to have this song, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it with all my heart. Austin's Pick: Austin was not available when we made the post, so his song will be up either later tonight or tommorow. Sorry. Stay tuned for next Thursday's theme. - The All Things Go Team (Austin, Adrian, Alex, Ryan, Zack)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dave Chappelle's Block Party

UPDATE: Some people were having trouble listening to Boom! because it was in .m4a format. I am deeply saddned by this, as the song is absolutely incredible, so i have converted it to .mp3. You can download it HERE or below. Those of you who haven't gone out and seen Dave Chappelle's new documentary, Block Party, are really missing out. I have seen the movie twice, both sober and elevated, and I enjoyed it both times (which is impressive). The documentary, directed by Michel Gondry (of Eternal Sunshine and the White Stripes videos fame), is incredibly well put together, and is a truly insightful look into a completely different side of hip-hop, R&B, and soul music. Dave decides to organize an all-day block party in an unsuspecting neighborhood in Brooklyn, which features some real characters (like the owners of the Broken Angel). He goes to Ohio and gives out free tickets to the show to people who wouldn't normally come to a concert like the one Dave is putting on. Too long have horrible rap artists been dominating the hip-hop scene. Many people who dislike the hip-hop genre do not realize that not all the artists create commercial crap like Mike Jones, Paul Wall, 50 Cent, or Sean Paul. The artists featured in Block Party stray in a quite different direction. These musicians promote awareness, and have messages in their music, rather than rapping about ho's, ice, and grillz. The music in Block Party is a different brand altogether, and is truly enjoyable for people with different music tastes. The concert features performances by some of Dave's (and my) favorite artists, including Kanye West, The Roots, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Cody ChestnuTT, Common, Dead Prez, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and most especially, a reunited Fugees. Highlights include Lauryn Hill's stunning rendition of "Killing Me Softly", Kanye's "Jesus Walks" (with the Central State Marching Band playing the bassline), and Talib Kweli and Mos Def (known together as Blackstar) performing their masterpiece, "Definition". Those looking for Chappelle's Show Season III in this movie will be sorely disappointed, as this movie shies away from Dave's skit style of his famous TV show, and shows Dave in a more real light. That being said, don't think this movie is all serious, as Dave is way too funny for that. I'm not a frequent movie-goer, but Block Party was well worth the money, and I can't wait to purchase the DVD, so I can hear the soulful performances of these underappreciated artists whenever I want. I have put up a few songs that are featured in the movie (and are some of my favorite songs), but not the live movie versions (Which you can listen to on the official Block Party site HERE). I recommend you check out all the music that these fine artists have to offer. The Roots - Boom! (ft. Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap) (now in .mp3 format) [download or die] The Roots - You Got Me (ft. Erykah Badu & Jill Scott) Dead Prez - Hip Hop Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) - Definition [download or die] Mos Def - Umi Says Common - The Light (ft. Erykah Badu) Kanye West - Get Em High (ft. Talib Kweli & Common) [download or die] Buy the Dave Chappelle Block Party soundtrack HERE. Buy Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Blackstar HERE [buy or die] ALSO, in other Bloc(k) Party related news, Derek at GWFAS has created a megapost, compiling every B-side and remix of Bloc Party's. I recommend a hidden gem, the Banquet Apathy Remix. - Zack

Monday, March 20, 2006

Nina Nastasia + Other People with Amazing Voices

I've been holding Nina Nastasia close to my heart for a while now, and ever since this the birth of this blog all I could think about was her. That may be a slight exaggeration, but honestly I have wanted to post about her since day 1. I don't know if Nina was ever praised in the blog world or not, but I do know that Nina is far from "cutting edge." In fact she has had considerable success for quite a while now, her most notable success being named on John Peel's Year End Top 50, in the New York Times back in 2002. Nina has a very strong cult following, but still I feel that hipsters (you know who you are) often overlook artists like Nina. Well it's time for everyone (remember I’m still assuming the indie blog world hasn't paid any attention to her) to experience Nina. When I say experience I hope a vision of crazy light shows and guitar solos don't come to mind (not that there's anything wrong with that.) Instead, I hope you see a picture off a New York apartment, an acoustic guitar, seamless song arrangements, and a pleasantly beautiful voice. Below I’m including my favorite song "Stormy Weather," off her deput album Dogs. This song is so well written. It has all the write changes, haunting strings, melody, and is perfectly short. You can definitely compare Nina's voice to Jenny Lewis in this song. To give you an idea of what Nina is like now (it's not that much different,) listen to "Superstar" off her latest album Run to Run. If you like what you hear I suggest buying Dogs which was re-issues in 2004, due to the fact that the original went out of print in 2000. Buy here. Nina Nastasia - Stormy Weather [download or die] Nina Nastasia - Superstar I would also like to take this post as an opportunity to give some love to other good voices. We all know Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian has a phenomenal voice. All the Belle & Sebastian records make your ears feel wonderful, but live it is a whole different world. It's hard to believe, but Stuart Murdoch sounds even better live. So here's a little sneak peak of the live recordings which will all be up soon. They are also in my opinion the "best" display of Stuart Murdoch's voice. Belle & Sebastian - Women's Realm (Live @ 930 March 6) Belle & Sebastian - Expectations (Live @ 930 March 6)[download or die] Belle & Sebastian - Belle and Sebastian (Live @ 930 March 6) P.S. Listen to the end of "Expectations" and you will know what I mean. Another voice I want to give credit to is the post hardcore dream boat that is...Anthony Green. Here is a live video of Anthony belting out a unreleased Circa Survive song. Circa Survive - Julian <3 Austin

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday Afternoons

If you were expecting an insightful music post here, you might wanna leave, cause this post is neither insightful nor about music, nor is it really a post. This is just what I do during my free time as a second semester senior.

I spent an hour on this. Please let me know how much i suck in the comments (And click on the picture to see all the detail).


Friday, March 17, 2006

Themed Thursday: Songs to Speed to

It seems to be a recurring theme that our themed Thursdays happen on Friday. This isn't to be cool in any way, it's just that I (Zack) am incredibly lazy. Anyways, our theme this week happens to be "Songs to Speed to". These songs are normally filled with angular, fast-paced guitars and hard drums, while keeping a quick and intense rhythm. Here are our five selections for songs to speed to. Adrian's Pick: Thrice - Deadbolt This song's so fast-paced it's impossible not to speed to it. Besides, the song is about "running red lights" anyways. Austin's Pick: Blood Brothers - Trash Flavored Trash The Blood Brothers are truly an acquired taste, but this song is certain to rev your engines. Now hit your steering wheel with the bass line, and freak out! Ryan's Pick: The Strokes - Reptilia (Song choice by Ryan, description by Zack & Austin) Zack and I were both going to choose this song, but he came to the conclusion that it fit me better. This really is a song that i speed to.....No seriously, I do. I live in Virginia, and I suck. (LOVE YOU RYRY!!!! xoxox) Zack's Pick: We Are Scientists - Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt I mean, c'mon, this song is awesome. When this song comes on my ipod in the car, my spedometer never dips below 60, which explains why I'm writing this description from prison. I gotta go though, Nasty Nate is pulling on my leash. Holla! (Watch the video, directed by Akiva from Awesometown, here) Alex's Pick: Astrid Oto - Bringing New Meaning to DIY Astrid Oto is also an "acquired taste", and by that I mean they are straight up bitchin' punk rock and further proof of Aaron Cometbus's genius. Their complete discography features 18 songs, and yet it is barely over 15 minutes long. Come one that practically screams "drive in the utmost dangerous way possible". Also I was not AWOL today, I just happened to be very sick and not leave my bed until 4:30 this afternoon. Stay tuned for next week's theme. And like PBS said, after these messages we'll be riiiight back. - The All Things Go Team (Zack, Austin, Adrian, Ryan, Alex)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lack Of Posts :(

Dear Internet, Sorry for the lack of posts! We swear that the Belle & Sebastian stuff will be up soon. We've just been really really busy. No "Themey Thursday" post tonight i guess, but look for one tomorrow. I'm taking this as an oppertunity to show off my musical talents. Surprisingly in my free time i do more than touch my self, cry, and eat low carb foods. I have been making electronic music under the name Things Change for almost two years now, and have produced over 30 all original tracks. I actually just finished one song i've been working on for ages. In fact i looked at the time recorder and it says that i have spent 22 hours on this one song alone. That's scary! Anyways, this song is really chill i think, and i will gladly take any feedback. I also posted an older song I made sometime last year that Evro from GWFAS is very much in love with. Well here they are. If you would like to hear more, or just need someone to talk to, IM me (EtniesAMF). Love, your friend...Austin Things Change - Jump Off His Airplane [Download or Die] -then chill the F out Things Change - Crossing The Danger Water [Download or Die]


How cute are we!

alex (left), me (right)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Themed Thursday (Friday) - Singing in the Shower

Sorry for the delay on this post, but I (Zack) have had a crazy night and have been trying to put together a detailed concert review as well, so this comes a day late. Anyways, our theme last week was Under the Sea, and it seemed to be a hit with the readers!!! This week's theme is "Singing in the Shower." We posted songs we can't get out of our head. Songs that we can't help but sing while cleaning ourselves from the shame of the night before. Here are our choices for "Singing in the Shower." Alex's Pick: The Honor System - I Want Candy I don't really sing in the shower (far too scared that someone may hear), however I do sing a lot in the car when I am alone. This is one of my favorite songs to rock out / sing along to. Interesting Fact: The day I figured out how to play this on guitar is the day I declare my life to be a pretty big success. Austin's Pick: Ratatat - Seventeen Years I chose this song because it's features dance-rock synths doing what they do best: rock. This song is unbelievably catchy, and is the perfect song for when you are lathering up in the shower. Ryan's Pick: Daft Punk - Face to Face One of Daft Punks underrated and unnoticed tracks. I love this one to death and can't get it out of my head, especially when I'm all soapy and sudsy. I feel like Mr. Ferdlow, named repeatedly in the song, is a metaphor that can only be understood in the shower. Zack's Pick: The Dell Vikings - Come Go With Me I used to listen to this song all the time in the car with my BFF/Second cousin Chris Rowe. When I was younger, I really only listened to oldies, motown, doowop, and things of that nature, as my dad and Chris's day were big into those genres. This song may have been made before I was born, but that doesn't mean I can't completely rock out to it. The dum-dums are just the perfect words for shower singing, or singing in any situation. Adrian's Pick: Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Little Dawn (Note: Adrian's description was written by Zack since his computer is messed up.) I know we post way too much Ted Leo, but we just can't get enough. This song brings you in from the fast-paced guitars in the beginning to the catchy, easily singable lyrics, making for a perfect shower song. Again, sorry for the delay on this. We are taking suggestions for themes, so send us an email at if you want your theme used. - The All Things Go Team (Zack, Adrian, Austin, Ryan, Alex)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Leaked TV on the Radio tracks

So as many of you may know, electro-hiphop-funk-rockers TV on the Radio have a new album coming out in June entitled Return to Cookie Mountain. Because this is the blogosphere, of course, the album has leaked. Adrian was fortunate enough to come across the whole album, and has hooked me up with it, and I must say, I'm impressed. I have been a fan of TVotR for a while now, ever since Derek introduced me to the masterpiece that is Staring at the Sun. I also just enjoy saying Tunde Adebimpe (lead singer/songwriter of TVotR) . Anyways, Return to Cookie Mountain seems to be a much more experimental album, and has quite alot of promise. I've given each song a good listen, and have determined that "I Was a Lover" and "Let the Devil In" are far-and-away my favorites, so I decided to share them here with you. I Was a Lover has an offbeat and creative approach, and a nice buildup of interesting sounds, while Let the Devil in is more harmonious and more like old TVotR.

TV on the Radio - I Was a Lover TV on the Radio - Let the Devil In Dodge from My Old Kentucky Blog has posted 2 other strong tracks from RtCM, but they are yousendit links so hurry over and get 'em while you still can. (Note: If you are TVotR and want me to take these tracks down, please just email me at and i will kindly remove them.) -Zack

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Some Taking Back Sunday Tracks

UPDATE: The tracks have been removed upon request from the label. If you have already downloaded them, please don't share them, as we don't want to get in trouble. Thanks. So instead of finishing up a long postponed show review for the Take Action Tour, I'm going to be giving you two posts in the next day or so, the first of which will be some tracks from Taking Back Sunday's upcoming album Louder Now. After listening to these five tracks, its clear that TBS is taking another step away from the "emosity" of Tell All Your Friends and taking yet another step in a more rock-oriented direction, as demonstrated by their sophomore release Where You Want To Be. These songs haven't struck me as groundbreaking or amazing, but I'm sure they'll grow on me just like WYWTB did. I'm hoping that among the tracks I haven't heard yet there will be a single-worthy track. Although "Make Damn Sure" is the first single off the album, it isn't much compared to past singles off of WYWTB, and especially TAYF. Take a listen to these four tracks (I'm not going to include "Make Damn Sure" because I'm pretty sure it's up, at least for streaming, everywhere on the internet) and you'll see what I mean. Nevertheless, I'm sure Louder Now will be a fun album that's definetly worth a listen. NOTE: SONGS HAVE BEEN REMOVED UPON REQUEST Taking Back Sunday - What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost Taking Back Sunday - Liar (It Takes Two) Taking Back Sunday - Up Against (Blackout) Taking Back Sunday - Spin For my next post I'll be giving you a review of From First to Last's upcoming release, Heroine, along with some tracks from the album, so stay tuned!

Monday, March 06, 2006

B&S + TNP = Love

Attention loyal readers: our bad. We need to post. I know many of you are craving the new music and are having ATG withdrawal. This past saturday, none other than yours truly turned 18, and, to celebrate, we took an All Things Go/Good Weather For Airstrikes vacation. To read about our weekend, check our Derek's post over at GWFAS. Tonight is going to be incredible. Three fifths of All Things Go (Adrian, Austin, and I) and all of GWFAS, along with loyal fans (and hotties) Claire and Suzanne, will be going to see none other than the great Belle & Sebastian, along with The New Pornographers (That was a long sentence. Again, my bad). While I do enjoy much of TNP's music, I'd be lying if I said I liked them nearly as much as Stuart and the rest of B&S. I have been listening to these guys for years now, and I must say I absolutely adore their new album, The Life Pursuit. In my mind, they can do no wrong. So anyways, we will have a full concert writeup (along with pictures) up tommorow, so be patient. I am posting 2 of my favorite Belle & Sebastian songs (one old and one new) along with possibly my favorite TNP song, just to whet your appetite (and make this post even slightly worthwhile). Enjoy. Belle & Sebastian - The Boy With the Arab Strap [download or die] Belle & Sebastian - Sukie in the Graveyard The New Pornographers - Stacked Crooked Also, on a side note, I seemed to have mislinked the Ted Leo songs, and instead of getting both songs, you just received two copies of Some Beginner's Mind. So here is Army Bound, and sorry for the mistake. Ted Leo/Rx - Army Bound -Zack (Photo at top courtesy of

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Gold Lion Single

Yesterday was a pretty lousy day. The sky was gray, there was a constant drizzle, I didn't get enough sleep last night, etc. This all changed though at around 7 o' clock when I walked into Crooked Beat Records (a record store I frequent,) and saw The Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Gold Lion" single calling my name. My heart immediately filled with joy, because I was truly at ease, (I was worrying the entire car ride over that they wouldn't have it!) and excited. The "Gold Lion" single basically, for lack of a better description, is the shit. I had heard the studio version of the song already but I was pumped for the remixes that were included on the single. There are two remixes of "Gold Lion" on the single, one remixed by Diplo, and the other is the "Nick Remix". The Diplo remix is by far my favorite. It reminds me of something that you would get on one of DFA's seasonal mixes. It stays true to the original song structure for the most part, but adds some amazing accessories to the already highly beat driven song. Minor effects are used throughout the remix, as well as an original beat, and some seriously awesome distorted video game noise, and electro xylophone solo's toward the end. It also has the necessary beat chopping, and crucial beat dropping, to create a fluid yet dance inducing sound. I feel like Gwen Stefani would go bananas for this remix, I sure did while waving my hands out my car window like some drunk bimbo in Vegas. The "Nick Remix" didn't do as much for me, it stayed very true to the original, but was good nevertheless. It was a lot chiller than the "Diplo Remix". I'm very, very excited for the full length album, and this single was all I needed to reassure that excitement. Gold Lion Track List: 1. Gold Lion 2. Let Me Know (Demo) 3. Gold Lion (Diplo Remix) 4. Gold Lion (Nick Remix) P.S. I didnt make the whole track list downloadable, because i feel bad doing that...especially when the single only costs $3. So go buy it to hear the rest, and appreciate the cover art/sleeve design. <3! -Austin

Themed Thursdays - Under the Sea

A new tradition has begun here at All Things Go. We here are all about giving out music that we didn't create, and our newest concoction, Themed Thursdays, is just that; another excuse to give out music. Every Thursday we will come up with a theme and each of the five of us will come up with a track to fit that theme. Due to our differing music tastes, the songs will have their own style on a similar theme, thus making quite an interesting mix. Anyways, the theme this week is "Under the Sea". Enjoy. Austin's Pick: Ben Folds - Air I listened to this song non stop when I was in 7th grade, and even today it still holds up. I picked it for this particular mix because the lyrics are somewhat relevant to "Under The Sea", and more so because the electro piano during the chorus reminds me of like scuba diving, or something The Life Aquatic-esque. Ryan's Pick: Thievery Corporation - Air Batucada This song is what I would imagine to be the soundtrack to life on a coral reef (God I sound stupid); Quick with alot of colorful sounds and a whimsical tone. Alex's Pick: Hanelei - Action Drum I am currently in love with Brian Moss (lead singer of Hanelei) and this song. I think it fits just about setting. Adrian's Pick: Explosions in the Sky - Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean Every song off of this EITS album gives me the chills. The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place uses the perfect combination of reverb-filled guitar riffs and passionate, energetic drum beats. If you like this song, I highly recommend listening to this album and Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Trush Shall Live Forever as well (perhaps Explosions' greatest work to date). Zack's Pick: Sigur Ros - Staralfur True, the lyrics may not have anything to do with being under the sea, but that's because they're in Icelandic. I chose this song not only because of it's beauty, but also because this is the song used in The Life Aquatic when Steve Zissou finally discovers the Jaguar Shark. We hope you enjoyed our first edition of Themed Thursdays, and look out for more to come. Let us know what you think about the new idea. Also, we will be taking suggestions for upcoming themes, so make sure you give us some ideas. -The All Things Go Team (Ryan, Austin, Zack, Alex, Adrian)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

All Things Go Presents Dert: The Interview

So, just yesterday I did an interview with Ben Elkins from the band Heypenny. I have gotten some feedback that people enjoyed the interview feature, so I decided to do another one, though maybe a little longer this time. I had first heard Dert's music from a post on GvB about his newest album, Sometimes I Rhyme Slow, which mixes Jose Gonzalez tracks with hip-hop artists such as Common, Kanye, and Talib Kweli. I was fascinated with the two songs I heard, so I wrote a post a few days ago about Dert (see here). I decided to ask him if he we would like to do an interview, and of course he accepted. Our conversation shifted from influences to current artists to Ted Leo (always a good conversation piece), and it is very clear that Dert is an articulate and intelligent artist. Without further adieu, I give you The All Things Go Exlcusive Interview with Dert. Zack: First off, tell us a little about yourself. How'd you get into the whole music scene? Where are you from and whatnot? Dert: I started making pause loop beat tapes in high school. I am from an LA suburb called West Covina. I used to rap at first, then I realized I was much better at making beats so I stuck with that. I got involved with a group called The Tunnelrats around 2001. We did a lot of projects on a label called Uprok which was a tooth-and-nails hip-hop label for a while. Zack: So you did the beats and DJ'd for them, or did you dabble in the rapping? Dert: I just did beats, I can't DJ for crap. Zack: Haha. So what kind of music influences your beats? I know on your upcoming album, Sometimes I Rhyme Slow, you use Jose Gonzalez songs, which is rare for a hip-hop mashup type CD. Dert: Right. Well first off it's not really an album. Like I sat around and was like this is going to be hot. It was a random idea I did over the week of my birthday in January 2006. I listen to pretty much everything since hip-hop music pulls from so many influences. It started with crate digging, going from jazz, to rock to electronic stuff to just about anything. After I started making beats, my musical palette really expanded, before that I was "strictly hip-hop." Zack: So, any particular bands out right now that you think are making quality original music? Dert: Well I don't know about the newest or freshest bands because that isn't really my scene, but right now I dig Broadcast a lot, Bloc Party, The Arcade that Tapes n' Tapes group is tight too. Oh and Wolfmother, they are super hot. The EP has such a grimey sound to it. But I can't vouch for rock bands because I may like something that rock fans think is complete crap. Zack: Yeah, we're big into Bloc Party, and Arcade Fire as well. I think that some music blogs, newspapers, and websites (*cough* Pitchfork *cough*), put too much emphasis on whether or not a band is cool or hip, and not whether or not the music is actually good. Dert: Yeah, those Pitchfork guys are a bunch of bitches. Oops, I am sending this [album] for a review...whatever. I mean, they dissed The Mars Volta and those guys are the illest. I think it's too much soul for them. Zack: Yeah. I think they realize their audience will eat up whatever they give them. Dert: Tastemakers gone bad. Zack: At least they gave love to my favorite group of all time, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists. Dert: Oh really, I have to check them out. (Zack's Note: After the interview, I introduced Dert to TL/Rx, and he enjoyed them. Even more proof that everyone loves Ted Leo) Zack: So, new topic. Mashups have become huge in 2005, and now into 2006. What do you think it is about mashups that people love? Dert: I don't know what mashups people love, I am not all that hip to all of them. But I think it's a new spin on an old concept. Hip-hop has been doing that for years. Listen to Paul Boutique or Midnight Marauders or any classic hip-hop record and listen to the records they mix together. I think the Grey Album [DJ Dangermouse's breakthrough album mixing together The Beatles White Album and Jay-Z's Black Album] was a great IDEA but to me that isn't a mashup. It's just a remix with a Beatles sample. The Linkin Park thing with Jay-Z was pretty wack, but so is Linkin Park. I heard this one that mixed all of Queen's music with hip-hop, another great idea but not the best execution. My friends from Antagonist Records, The Legion of Doom, are doing some really dope rock mashups. Zack: Yeah, we actually just made a post about Legion of Doom (here), they do some interesting emo/hardcore mashups, and I believe they have a new CD coming out soon. Dert: Yeah. I did a little drum programming for one of their tracks on the myspace page that KRS-One rapped on. It was originally (slower) and for his new album but it was scrapped. Zack: What programs do you use to make your beats? Or does a true artist never give away his secrets? Dert: I started with an mpc 2000, now I use a mpc 1000 and for other sounds and efx I use logic pro 7. I love everything native instruments does. Shoot I want to get free gear and sponsorship, I will tell! Zack: They can probably hook that up. I try to make some beats with Reason, but mine are absolutely horrible. So, if you could work with anyone in the hip-hop or rock/indie scene right now, who would it be, and why? Dert: Anyone on the Sometimes I Rhyme Slow CD. Those are really some of my favorite emcees...except Kanye West. His songs just happened to have some dope guest features. I think I could make a wonderful album with Jose [Gonzalez] as well. I really admire the Stones Throw Crew, they are the new Hieroglyphics or Diggin' in the Crates. I wouldn't mind working with Goapele on the soul side of things. And also Pigeon John. That guy is amazing. both of our crews (Tunnelrats and La Symphony) go back a lot but I have never hooked up with him. Now he is getting too big so i better get big too! Zack: You hinted that you aren't a big fan of Kanye. Is that because you think sometimes he might sample too much and is slightly unoriginal, or do you think it's his arrogance? Dert: His arrogance is sickening. Sampling is a core element of hip-hop so I will never criticize someone for sampling too much. I dig his tracks, especially Late Registration (he beat me to working with Jon Brion!) but his emceeing, while it has improved, still irritates me. I mean look at J Dilla, so humble, so quiet, so brilliant. Your music will speak for itself. Zack: I don't mean to make you look like a jackass, but are there any other rappers or hip-hop groups out there that you think are fake? For instance, I don't exactly think D4L or Dem Franchise Boyz's songs can be considered music. Dert: Haha. Everyone that knows me knows I love to criticize. I am not a hater, just picky. D4L and DFB are the equivalent to Kris Kross or Vanilla Ice back in the day. It's music geared to 8th graders and younger. Due to corporate radio, you can't hear much expression on commercial radio. Zack: But, Kris Kross totally made me jump, jump. I was feeling the backwards clothes thing. I think i just noticed a trend of Jermaine Dupri backed groups. Dert: Dogg, I went to school one day with my clothes on backwards! Dupri knows how to make a hit, I cannot criticize him. He does what he does very well. Zack: Have you ever contacted any artists about doing possible collaborations? Like, for instance, Talib or Common or someone along those lines? Or should i say, have any of them contacted you? Dert: Not yet. Talib's name was thrown around as possible collabs for KRS-One (an album Dert is working on). The hip-hop industry is pretty hard to navigate. It's all smoke and mirrors. It's not like the indie scene where everyone is cool with each other Zack: I know we talked about this much earlier, but you said you grew up around LA. How much did the birth of West Coast Hip-Hop influence your music styles growing up, and your current music style? Dert: I fell in love with hip-hop by listening to NWA, Ice Cube and Ice-T. the original kday was IT. Then it was the Pharcyde, Heiroglyphics, the Likwit crew. LA hip-hop has been a major influence on me, Not necessarily "west coast" stuff like Dre or Tupac. That just wasn't my style. It just sucked because some of the strongest groups out of the west were always mistaken for "east coast" groups by those who were not aware. I think LA hip-hop was a little more laid back too. Zack: I didn't know Del and Heiroglyphics were from LA Dert: Yeah. That production changed my life. Zack: Do you have any plans to make beats for a particular artist, and maybe go on tour with them, or is that not something you're interested in? Dert: Touring isn't really my deal. I am more of a studio lab rat. I am doing my darndest to get on with cats right now, it's just hard to breakthrough without a big name. Zack: Speaking of which, how did you come up with the name Dert? Dert: Ah man! Well first I was called D-Illicit in attempts to be hardcore. But nothing about me was illicit so I came up with Dert. Which just started as a stupid acronym "Don Eternally Represents to The Fullest" But now the name to me just is a reflection of my personality according to what people have told me. Pretty much being well grounded, down to earth and willing to do hard work and not being concerned about getting full recognition for it. In the trenches. Zack: I think the switch from D-Illicit to Dert was a good one. So, where do you see yourself in the near future? What's up next, after Sometimes I Rhyme Slow? Dert: I am working on my 2nd instrumental project tentatively called BlackBerd. I produced a majority of the next KRS-One project. I did an album with a new group called the Footsoldiers which is featured on that KRS album. I also did tracks with this cat Braille from a group called Lightheaded. And a random thing, a remix for the band West Indian Girl. Hopefully SIRS will get some more remixes coming my way too Zack: Well if it does, I'll be glad to buy them. Thanks again for granting us an interview, and we here at ATG wish you the best in the future. Any last words? Dert: Thanks. I want say what's up to my boy Ryan who introduced me to José González. And to José and Imperial Records, I hope you don't send me a cease and desist. Haha. Lastly, shouts to my crew and family the Tunnelrats and watch out for this female rapper named Zane. She is going to hit a lot of people. I have a track from her on my Myspace page, its called Plan B Zack: I'll be sure to check it out I hope everyone enjoyed the interview. Here are two tracks from Dert's upcoming album, Sometimes I Rhyme Slow, which will be released on March 7th. I have an advanced copy, and I demand that all of you purchase the album when it comes out, as it is well worth the price. Dert - The Light + Heartbeats (Common feat. Erika Badu) [download or die] Dert - 2 Words + Slow Moves (Kanye West feat. Mos Def & Freeway) Be Dert's Myspace Friend -Zack

New Music: Murder By Death

Murder By Death has always been a favorite of mine, and their new album titled "In Bocca al Lupo" will undoubtedly be amazing. "In Bocca al Lupo" is the third concept album by Murder By Death.
In Bocca al Lupo examines themes of sin, transgression, punishment, and redemption, touching on different lives and different stories in each individual song. The resulting album resembles the 1979 murder mystery from which the band takes its name-a pastiche of bad deeds and good intentions, of last minute heroism and, in some cases, nearly impossible forgiveness.
"In Boca al Lupo" will be released on MBD's very own label Tent Show Records, so good luck finding any leaks. Look for the release to be around May 23rd, and then some extensive touring. You don't want to miss Murder By Death live. I don't care who you are, what music you like, or if you hate the songs you've heard by Murder By Death...Murder By Death plays such an amazing live show, there will be no way you wont love it. Murder By Death - Dynamite Mine(demo) -Off of "In Boca al Lupo" -Austin