Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Be Patient

As you may or may not know, ezarchive (our file host) is undergoing a serious makeover and will not be operational fully until either October 27th or November 1st (It's not clear from the e-mail i received). Anyways, we're sorry that this means you cannot download anything previously posted for a little while until we update all of the links. we might try to host some of our songs on sendspace or yousendit until the new ezarchive is ready to roll, but until then, stay with us while we undergo this change. Love Management

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Of Montreal Live 9/28/06

I'm still astounded by the number of great bands that stop in Virginia. UVA has a reputation, a deserved reputation for being Dave Matthew's perpetual jock itch. He's already played at least 3 times here in a matter of months. But enough about Dave. The latest of the live line up that I looked upon was Of Montreal. I know, we here at ATG have hard on's for certain bands (TED LEO), and Of Montreal is no exception. How could we not when their live performances include band members in dresses, hot pants, and are half naked. The make-up was a nice touch. Other theatrics included coming out hiding behind gigantic masks, use of nunchuks and a katana, and what appeared to be a murder. I couldn't see very well, but of course these were accessory elements to the show. Instead of relying on their airy, 60's pop-esque music, Of Montreal devoted a large portion of their set to playing material off their new record. The whimsicality has been replaced with an almost sexual, electronic element. Of course, their new album is planned for a release in the near future (sorry I can't be specific).

Friday, October 20, 2006

Brand New - Sowing Season (Yeah)

Update: Thanks for Derek of GWFAS letting us temporarily link to the song. Finally - the world's first taste of Brand New's upcoming album, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me. "Sowing Season (Yeah)" has proven to be a hit on the band's recent strings of shows with crowds instantly singing along the simple driving refrain of "Yeah!" The album version of the song blew me away upon first listen. Words need not describe the glory of Brand New, so without further ado, here is what you all have been waiting for... Updated link via Good Weather For Airstrikes: Brand New - Sowing Season (Yeah) -Adrian

Thursday, October 19, 2006

PJ Hill + Some New Enjoyable Music

In more Wisconsin football-related news, PJ Hill was featured in an article on and compared to former Badger star and Heisman winner Ron Dayne. This worries me because Dayne has had quite possibly the most disappointing pro-career of any Heisman winner. PJ is quoted in the article, saying: "I don't like to be compared to other backs," Hill said. "Don't get me wrong, it's an honor to be compared to a back like Ron Dayne. But I just want to be P.J. I have my own style. I like to be patient and I like to be as physical as I can. I like to wait for my opening and then deliver the blow, not take them. That wears down a defense. Just keep hitting them and hitting them and hitting them. That changes their approach to how they play you." What a man. Anways, onto the music. I'm thinking about making this a (bi)weekly thing, just giving you all anywhere from 3-8 songs that I love right now and just doing a little description rather than doing more artist profiles. Let me know what you guys think/prefer. Anyways, here are some more songs for your listening pleasure. Takka Takka - We Feel Safer at Night My friend Sabrina actually told me about these guys because she went to see Architecture in Helsinki in concert and Takka Takka was one of the opening bands. This song is very soft and enjoyable, with airy noises and vocals. In other words, if this song was a blanket, I'd cuddle with it alot and feel all warm and fuzzy. I feel like former writer Alex would absolutely love this adorable track. T.I - Why You Wanna I know this isn't a typical All Things Go track, but I can't get enough of T.I. Call me a sellout for liking mainstream hip-hop but I can't help my love for this song. The beat reminds me of the times I used to ride around on jetskis in the Caribbean with my bitches riding on back. The Rapture - Whoo! Alright - Yeah...Uh Huh (WAYUH) I know Austin has been loving The Rapture for quite a while now, and with all the buzz surrounding them recently, I figured I'd give them a listen. I first heard this song on the Madden 2007 soundtrack, which always seems to feature some quality music (Spank Rock, Hot Hot Heat, etc..). "WAYUH" is one of those songs that requires the listener to move around and or shake his junk. Plus it features a cowbell. Brett Dennen - When You Feel it Expect a massive writeup on this guy in the near future. Brett is normally classified in a category with Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Michael Franti, and other singer/songwriters with a relaxed vibe. Brett takes this genre to a whole different level with his new album, So Much More. I never thought I'd be a fan of this type of music, but Brett's vocals and beautiful guitar-playing are so infectious and addictive. I really can't describe in words how much I love Brett Dennen, or how surprised I am that I enjoy this style of music. Jens Lekman - Maple Leaves (7" Version) This song perfectly exemplifies my mood in Autumn. I'm one of the few people who love Jens' voice, and this song's unorthodox melody really catches me. To me, Jens can be very hit-or-miss, but here he definitely scores a direct hit. If you can get over the awkwardness of Jens vocals and the off-beat style, this song is quite enjoyable. That's it for now. Remember, leave me some comments and let me know if you guys like this set-up. Also, just leave comments because it boosts my struggling ego. -Zack

Monday, October 16, 2006

Brand New Cover Art

Behold, the album cover for Brand New's upcoming full length, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me. As you can tell, it bears few similarities to the cover art for their previous releases. Thoughts? Unfortunately, no new material by the band has yet surfaced. Until it does, here's a repost of the demos I wrote about a while back... Brand New - Untitled Track 1 Brand New - Untitled Track 2 Brand New - Untitled Track 3 Brand New - Untitled Track 4 Brand New - Untitled Track 5 Brand New - Untitled Track 6 Brand New - Untitled Track 7 Brand New - Untitled Track 8 Brand New - Untitled Track 9 The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me hits stores November 21st. Pre-order the album here. -Adrian

Another Great Weekend/The Bishops!

So my brother comes to visit me here in Madison for this homecoming weekend. My Badgers split a series with North Dakota in hockey, and the football team CRUSHES the Minnesota Gophers 48-12 to keep Paul Bunyan's Axe, the prize for the victor of the storied rivalry. People are wearing shirts that say "Fuck Em Bucky" with a picture our mascot, Bucky Badger, throwing a football into the ass of Goldy the Golden Gopher. Other shirts simply say "Minnesota Golden Gophuck Yourselves". Add in some heavy drinking, Chipotle burritos, sleeping on floors and sofas and you have the ingredients to a perfect weekend. Now onto some music: The Bishops must be from the 1960s, because not many bands since have been able to almost perfectly emulate the feel and style of music that The Beatles and The Kinks developed in the golden age of simple pop music quite like these guys. They've already created some buzz for their debut EP "The Only Place I Can Look is Down" and will release the album on California's I Am Sound Records in November. With 2 to 2 and a half minute long pop gems, these guys have brought the 1960s BBC pop back in a big way. The first single and title track, "The Only Place I Can Look is Down" features harmonies similar to The Beatles and Kinks, and for some reason this song reminds me of Super Furry Animals. "In The Night" is more dancy and much more of a throwback. With drum rhythms almost identical to those played by Ringo Starr and layered harmonies, a signature of the 1960s brit-pop, The Bishops have turned back the clock. I played these two songs for my mom (who grew up in the 1960s and idolized The Beatles) and she fell in love with both. I'm pretty much repeating myself in different ways so why not just give you the music and let you draw your own conclusions. Jump on the bandwagon now, because soon it'll be full. The Bishops - The Only Place I Can Look is Down [download or die] The Bishops - In The Night [download or die] -Zack

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

College Update/Songs I Can't Get Out of My Head

So I haven't spoken to you guys much about my college experience thus far. And I wont. You guys dont read this blog to hear about me and my escapades, but instead to hear about our incredibly refined, often sexy music choices. Before I get to the music, I must make one plug for my school. The University of Wisconsin-Madison Badgers are now, according to the AP Poll, ranked 25th in the nation in college football, after thouroughly trouncing Northwestern, 41-9. The team, led by senior QB John Stocco, and freshman stud RB PJ Hill (who, by the way, is second in rushing yards in all D-I), are now 5-1 heading into this weekend's homecoming game against rival Minnesota. Not only that, but our men's and women's hockey team (both of whom won the national championship last year) are both ranked #1 in the nation. And as if that weren't enough, our men's basketball team has a preseason ranking as #8 in the nation, led by Big-Ten Player of the Year candidate Alando Tucker and senior point guard/Chris Rock lookalike Kammron Taylor. We also have some creative cheers for our student section (one half of the section yells "Eat shit", the other responds with "Fuck you"). But enough about our dominant sports, lets get on to the music... I've had a few songs completely stuck in my head the last week or so and I have no idea how to get them out. I thought maybe sharing them here with you would help, so here goes. +/- (plus-minus) - Summer Dress 2 [Iodine] This song is ironically named, because in my opinion, this song is very fitting for Fall. Airy, sweet vocals and gorgeous piano-ing make for a perfect song to listen to on your porch while watching leaves fall and curling up to your favorite book. I can only assume that would be perfect because, alas, me and books don't exactly get along. Definitely check out this whole album, Let's Build a Fire, and pretty much anything else +/- has put out. Tap Tap - Way to Go, Boy I know these guys have been blogged to death recently, but I'd like to think that I jumped on the bandwagon early. This summer, I was in love with Tap Tap's other single "100,000 Thoughts", but never really got around to writing anything about it (surprise surprise). This song reminds me of a somewhat more upbeat, less refined Arcade Fire, and it's definitely completely stuck in my head. The Blow - True Affection Another band that's been getting lots of blog love recently. I picked up this song in my first week here in Madison and it's been on heavy rotation since. The beat reminds me of D4L or Dem Franchize Boyz with the goofy, deep synth and snaps, but the song couldn't be any less hip-hop. I must warn you before you download. You will be snapping your fingers and imitating a girls voice for the next 2 weeks if you listen to this song. The Decemberists - The Crane Wife 3 The Decemberists need no introduction, so I'll cut to the chase. My favorite song off of their newest effort, The Crane Wife, this song is absolutely stunning both vocally and musically. Colin Meloy perfectly blends feelings of nostalgia and melancholy into this track, while somehow coming out with a finished product that cheers me up every time I listen to it. Teddybears - Cobrastyle Now here's a song that's been blogged to death. I picked up this song after I heard it on Entourage, and I've come to the conclusion that this song will NEVER get out of my head. It's Swedish/Rasta/Hip-Hop/Awesomeness, and i've put it on at every Badger tailgate party so far. Voxtrot - Trouble We here at ATG love Voxtrot, and this song just reaffirms our love. A little more upbeat than most of their work, it's definitely got the catchy chorus that will make it difficult to forget. The Whigs - Technology I'd never heard of these guys before someone sent me the song a few weeks ago. It's definitely got that catchy, upbeat vibe. Recommended for those unwilling to give up the fact that it's no longer Summer. These are the songs stuck in my head. Hopefully now you can all share my agony (or joy). Meh. On Wisconsin. -Zack

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Chemical Romance - Heaven Help Us

There's no question that My Chemical Romance's upcoming release, Welcome to the Black Parade, will eclipse their major-label debut, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge in grandeur. While their earlier release received high-acclaim for its infectious yet aggressive punk-revival attitude, it has been stated that their next album will carry with it a much more epic sound. Some have gone far enough to liken Black Parade to operatic-rock legends Queen and Meatloaf. Although that may be too extreme of a statement, you can definetly notice the change in the album's already released single/title-track. The reason I post this is because of the release of the album's single in the UK, which comes with a non-album track, "Heaven Help Us". The best way to describe this is, as alluded to earlier, a tame yet grand version of TCfSR's "Thank You For the Venom". My Chemical Romance - Heaven Help Us -Adrian

Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Columbus Day!

Today (and last weekend) we celebrate a glorious event in 1492 when Columbus indeed sailed the ocean blue. We don't exactly celebrate the fact that Columbus cut off natives fingers if they didn't give him what he wanted, but really that's not important. What's important is that America (fuck yeah) wouldn't be here without this guy. Well, it would be here. Whatever. On with some themed music. Weezer - Across the Sea The Format - Oceans Air - Universal Traveler The Roots - Livin' in a New World The Album Leaf - Into the Sea The Weakerthans - Our Retired Explorer (Dines with Michel Foucault in Paris, 1961) So go eat a hot dog and sit on your La-Z-Boy. It's Columbus day, so be patriotic. Buy one of those mini American flags if possible too. -Zack

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ane Brun

Ane Brun had a lot of success with her release in May of this year with the extended version of 'A Temporary Drive.' She has an album 'Duets' out for everyone to purchase. As the title would suggest, the album is simply duets with a number of artists. I was unfamiliar with many of the artists she performed with on this album, but a few I knew included Syd Matters and Ron Sexmith. Other artists include Madrugada, Liv Widwell, and Tobias Froberg. Hands down, the best song I've heard on the record is "Love and Misery" which is a duet of Ane Brune and Tobias Froberg. It's flawless and beautiful. Ane Brun is from Norway, but since 2000 has lived in Sweden, where she runs her label DetErMine Records. Ane Brun - Love and Misery [Featuring Tobias Froberg] Ane Brun - Headphone Silence -Samantha

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists A to Z

Yes, I do have an unhealthy obsession with Ted Leo & the Pharmacists. In our second installment of A to Z (See Sufjan here), we take a look at Ted Leo and his fantastic crew, from Me and Mia to Kelly Clarkson. Note: Due to the large volume of songs in this post, I am only making the songs available for download for 1 week. Please go buy the albums if you haven't already. A is for "Army Bound", a demo track that Ted made available for download on the band website back in late February. This song, along with "Some Beginners Mind", was reviewed here in February. B is for "Biomusicology", off of The Tyranny of Distance. This is possibly my favorite song by my favorite artist off my favorite album, and it was featured on the All Things Go Night Drive Mixtape Two. C is for Concerts. Ted Leo is widely renowned for his incredible, passionate live performances. I am lucky enough to have seen him 6 times in person, and each show reaffirms my feeling that nobody puts on a show like Ted and his merry band of Pharmacists. C is also for "Counting Down the Hours" and "Criminal Piece", both off of Shake the Sheets (but I didn't make them available for download because I'm trying to let Ted sell some records.) D is for Washington, DC (the Dirty District), Ted's hometown, and the hometown of yours truly. Ted worked at a Potomac Video near my house and lived in Mount Pleasant, a neighborhood only five minutes from me. My brother actually met Ted in the bathroom of Spices, a thai-fusion restaurant in DC. If Ted reads this, he might be a bit creeped out. E is for EP's. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists have released 3 EP's; Treble in Trouble, Tell Balgeary, Bulgary is Dead, and Sharkbite Sessions. F is for Fort Reno. For those of you unfamiliar with Washington, DC, Fort Reno is a park right next to Wilson High School where local artists play free shows every Monday and Thursday during the summer. Artists such as Q and not U and Ris Paul Ric have played at Fort Reno, and Ted Leo has blessed the stage with his presence a handful of times. G is for "The Gold Finch and the Red Oak", off of The Tyranny of Distance, and also featured on the All Things Go Night Drive Mixtape. H is for Hearts of Oak, the Pharmacists 2003 LP, and also one of the best songs on that album. I is for Intelligent, Insightful, and Intellectual, all words used to describe Ted's lyrics. Many of his songs (My Vein Ilin, The One Who Got Us Out) have strong political messages. Others (Heart Problems, Me and Mia) discuss social and societal issues. All of his songs have some sort of message, and all the lyrics to the songs are well thought out and meaningful, something that is rare in today's music. J is for teJ leo(?) Rx/Pharmacists. This was the band's first official album, although Chris Wilson (drummer) and Dave Lerner (guitar) were not on the album. K is for Kelly Clarkson. Ted Leo has made an acoustic cover of Kelly's breakthrough hit "Since U Been Gone", which turns into a cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Maps". Download the song here. L is for "Looking Through You", a cover of The Beatles hit, which was featured on This Bird Has Flown: A 40th Anniversary Tribute to The Beatles Rubber Soul. L is also for "Little Dawn", another of my select few favorite Ted songs. AND, L is for Lookout! Records, the label that TL/Rx now release their music on. M is for "Me and Mia", the first single off of Ted's 2004 release, Shake the Sheets, and also probably the most popular and well-known TL/Rx song to date. The song sounds upbeat and dancy, but the lyrics are quite disparaging, as Ted addresses the controversial issues surrounding eating disorders. N is for Notre Dame. Ted graduated from the prestigious university in 1993 with a degree in English. That's right, Ted was, and still is, a Fighting Irish. O is for Octaves. Ted has the ability to sing in octaves so high I am completely humiliated when I try to sing along to his music in front of anyone. Ted has the amazing ability to prevent this high, at times falsetto, voice from sounding whiny, something that many artists these days fail to do. P is for "Parallel or Together", one of my favorite songs off of The Tyranny of Distance. I know I keep saying that every song is my favorite, but I truly feel that all of Ted's music is worth listening to and I really truly am in love with all of it. Every time I listen to a TL/Rx song, I feel as though that particular song is my favorite, until I put another TL/Rx song, which then becomes my favorite (does that make sense?). Q is for "sQueaky Fingers", off of The Tyranny of Distance, which features as gorgeous guitar line that takes the song out (ok ok, it's a stretch. You try finding something relevant with the letter Q). R is for Rx, the abbreviation for Pharmacy/ist/s. Hence Ted Leo & the Pharmacists becomes TL/Rx. S is for Shake the Sheets, Ted's most recent full-length release (2004), which is, in my opinion, his most upbeat and refined work to date. T is for "Timorous Me", off of Tyranny of Distance. "Timorous Me" features one of the coolest breakdowns in a song. EVER. Also, Timorous Me is the name of the fanblog for TL/Rx. (T is also for Ted Leo, but I figured you guys were smart enough to make that connection without me). U is for Updates. Ted constantly updates the band's website with his thoughts and critiques of contemporary issues (such as My Super Sweet Sixteen). V is for "My Vein Ilin", off of The Tyranny of Distance. This song has a very strong political message, and also is structured very interestingly, featuring only one long verse and building guitars and drums until an instrumental climax at the end. W is for "Walking to Do", by far Ted's most upbeat and positive track. This song also features a DC shoutout ("Rock Creek Park to the Ave., and on past the Zoo..."), making this song a favorite of me and my fellow chocolate city compatriots (alliteration!). X is for X-treme, an awesome adjective used to describe Ted in any situation. Y is for "You Could Die (Or This Might End)", off of The Tyranny of Distance. This song sounds like a demo, but to me it truly displays Ted's passion and emotion in a quick one minute and thirty seconds. Z is "Yo Zack! Love, Ted", which was what Mr. Leo wrote on the back of my t-shirt after a concert at the 9:30 club in DC. As you can see from this incredibly long post, I love pretty much everything about Ted Leo & the Pharmacists. I hope you enjoyed this mini-anthology. Again, due to the large volume of songs I'm putting up, I am only making these songs available for download for one week. Please please go out and buy all of Ted's albums. If anyone deserves the money, it's these guys. Here are the links to buy all the albums: Buy Shake the Sheets here Buy Tell Balgeary, Bulgary is Dead here Buy Hearts of Oak here Buy The Tyranny of Distance here -Zack

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Redskins 36, Jaguars 30 (OT)

Best....weekend...ever. Music will return next week. -Zack