Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Chemical Romance - Heaven Help Us

There's no question that My Chemical Romance's upcoming release, Welcome to the Black Parade, will eclipse their major-label debut, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge in grandeur. While their earlier release received high-acclaim for its infectious yet aggressive punk-revival attitude, it has been stated that their next album will carry with it a much more epic sound. Some have gone far enough to liken Black Parade to operatic-rock legends Queen and Meatloaf. Although that may be too extreme of a statement, you can definetly notice the change in the album's already released single/title-track. The reason I post this is because of the release of the album's single in the UK, which comes with a non-album track, "Heaven Help Us". The best way to describe this is, as alluded to earlier, a tame yet grand version of TCfSR's "Thank You For the Venom". My Chemical Romance - Heaven Help Us -Adrian


Anonymous said...

This band is horrible- honestly, they're just horrible

shmoo said...

Kind of on the same level as New Found Glory in fact.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... so when will the post praising Fall Out Boy's "brilliance" be up?

Adrian said...
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Adrian said...

Calm down, fine if you don't like it but quit bitching about it. And for the record, Fall Out Boy are brilliant whether you like it or not.

Stefani said...

Hey thanks for the extra track. It's different.

Anonymous said...

new found glory is not "horrible". their not the "best" but they don't deserve to be called "horrible". i'd save that word and others for the lindsay lohan's and hillary duffs of the world, instead.

Anonymous said...



Oh oh oh


(btw- did you see his dick shot - its soooo all over the internet!)

Adrian said...

I understand the hatred towards fall out boy and my chemical romance, but come on, afi? Sing the Sorrow is an amazing album! Don't go hating music just because it's on TRL.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is something serious. I appreciate My Chemical Romance for getting as far as they have. There's nothing wrong with a band just because they recieve mass attention.


Anna said...

I totally disagree that this band is horrible. In fact, I was so impressed by the album (which I've been listening to non stop since i bought it) that I had to critique and review it.


Let me know what you think :)

Anonymous said...

i didn't like my chemical romance. i only liked a couple of songs by them. but then my cousin got welcome to the black parade, and now i love them. every single song on there is amazing. my favorites are welcome to the black parade and famous last words.

Anonymous said...

ok i love my chemical romance more then anything in the world. they have got my heart. honestly when i watch the dvd when i hear them talking on the radio my eyes water up. they are such an amazing band. They arnt horrible coz if you truly listen to the music and the lyrics there is something in there which is so beautiful!oo ya and AFI are fucken awesome. i saw them in concert last night and the best concert i have ever been to. gezz some people love these bands. why are you all bitching about them. there are real fans out there. go complain to some one who really cares!

Anonymous said...

mcr is awesome
people who disagree,
well your entitled to your
opinion. not everyone
agrees and likes the same
music. but in my opinion,
and tons of others.
MCR is the best band, ever
they impact our lives.
they help us get through.
its not just the music.
its the message.
the band is amazing.
the guys are amazing.
everything about mcr is awesome.
& to all of you who say
you dont like them because
they're on trl.
you should be happy they've come
so far. and if you dont like
a band just cause a station
plays them, thatss dumb.
mtv is one of the biggest
music stations out there &
MCR is doing great if they
can get on there. but i do
agree, fuse is wayyy

Anonymous said...

i know.. my chemical romance is the best!! they're lyrics to their songs are meaningful and especially in their new album.. but i like their first album, though.. they rock!! especially gerard way.. he inspires me in a lot of ways.. and i think he wrote all the lyrics in their albums.. hmm.. but who cares.. they rock!! and gerard way is so damn sexy!!.. XD

LAURA said...

i tottally love my chemical romance, there are real fans out there and their lyrics mean so much to me . I FUCKING LOVE THEM!!!

Anonymous said...

I understand that people can have their own opinions, and people don't have to like MCR.

But seriously... if you don't like them, why are you even posting on something about them?

You're entitled to your opinion, but making snide remarks about MCR on a blog that is specifically about them is just stupid. If someone cares enough to write a review about them, they don't give a damn that you don't like them.

If you're gonna hate, keep it to yourself. Because no one wants to hear it.

laura said...

i love my chemical romance there amazing ! blooy brill n if ya dont lyk them y post a message ? duh !

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this song! I absolutely love this band and have been with them from the start. They have only got better and better and Heaven Help us is such a beautiful song.

If you don't like the band, then don't post please, it's not fair- you can have an opinion but post it somewhere else- NOT where people are talking about how much they like them.