Sunday, July 30, 2006


Dear all marketing and publicity companies that send me e-mails: My bad. I realize I haven't checked my e-mails in a good long time. I have over 150 e-mails on one address, and over 60 at the other. That's alot of music. I didn't know quite where to begin, so I just started from the top of the pile. I've never heard of Ladyhawk, but apparently these guys have (they always beat me to the punch). Ladyhawk is from Vancouver, Canada (yes, that place right above us that seems to keep putting out better music than us despite being handicapped by snow and irrelevance). I came across three songs, all of which have been playing in my iTunes all day. I can sit here and say that these guys sound like Spoon (Ryan at Good Hodgkins described them as a blend of Neil Young, The Replacements, Okkervil River, and Wolf Parade) or some other band, but the truth is I can't put a finger on their sound. They seem to be more classic rock'n'roll then indie-pop, but, to be honest, they sound like a band that doesn't quite care. This is not a bad thing. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Their laid-back approach to production and (judging by their press photos) overall cleanliness makes for a dirty, interestingly unique sound. I recommend checking all these songs out, especially "War", whose beginning sounds eerily close to "Come On! Let's Boogey to the Elf Dance!" by Sufjan, but then definitely goes in a different direction. Ladyhawk - War [highly rec'd] Ladyhawk - The Dugout Ladyhawk - My Old Jacknife [rec'd] Also check out their video for "My Old Jacknife", which just seems to be a clip of Kelly "not relevant anymore" Osbourne "dancing" and being interviewed at some club. Strange, but somehow fitting. -Zack PS: I have an opportunity to do an interview with Aberdeen City next week. I wouldn't mind doing it, and I dig their sound, but I want to know if any of you are interested in what they have to say. If you are, leave a note in the comments or feel free to e-mail some questions you want answered by the band to and I'll be sure to pass them along.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

All Things Go Night Drive Mixtape Two

This mix took me less than two hours to compile, but somehow the post has taken me almost two months to make. The All Things Go Night Drive Mixtape was so successful and had such positive feedback that I decided to have another go at the theme. As I've said before, I believe that there is no better time to listen to music then a long drive at night with nowhere to go and no place to be. Here is the All Things Go Night Drive Mixtape Two All Things Go Night Drive Mixtape Two (.zip) 1. Band of Horses - The Funeral From the first note to the irregular tempo to the high vocals, this song has everything a masterpiece of a night drive song needs. I haven't listened to much else by Band of Horses, but after hearing this, I'm interested to see if anything else they've put out can match the emotion and originality of this song. 2. Sia - Breathe Me Derek originally introduced me to Sia with this song, featured on his M3 Volume 5. I didn't really give it a chance then, which was a horrible mistake. "Breathe Me" just exudes beauty, and Sia's soft, sometimes quivering voice, teamed with a floaty piano melody make for a perfect night drive song. 3. Slow Runner - Streamlined I recently posted on these guys, and will be doing an interview with them soon if all goes well. If you read the post, you will realize that I have become infatuated with Slow Runner, and while this is not my favorite song of theirs, it is certainly the most fitting for a late night drive. Recommended for lovers of The New Amsterdams/Straylight Run's quieter stuff. 4. Architecture in Helsinki - Maybe You Can Owe Me Architecture in Helsinki may be battling Of Montreal and The Unicorns for indie rock band with the best absurd noises and sound effects in a song, but "Maybe You Can Owe Me" is a more straightforward, yet still beautiful, song. The sing-song, almost whispering vocals, and constant echo usage make for a fantastic night drive song. 5. Z-Trip/Run Run Run - Fade Into You Z-Trip, featured on the Cannabliss Mixtape, is back again, this time with his "remix" of Run Run Run's "Fade Into You". While the original version is more quiet and soft, this version is superior, and puts me in a contemplative mood. Did I mention I love everything about pianos? (Also, this is another song i learned how to play on piano.) 6. Four Tet - Iron Man This is far and away my favorite song on the mixtape, and has been playing constantly in my car for the past month. Keiran Hebden AKA the genius behind Four Tet turns a downright dirty Black Sabbath classic into a beautifully constructed four minute and fourteen second eargasm. Notice how subtle the melody of the acoustic guitar matches the original Iron Man. I listened to this song 6 times in a row on the long bus ride home at night from New York City a few weeks ago. 7. Zero 7 ft. Jose Gonzalez - Left Behind God bless Jose Gonzalez. I know my favorite Mexican Swede was featured on the first Night Drive Mixtape, but his incredible voice (and guitar) had to make another appearance, this time with Zero 7 (who were featured on the Garden State soundtrack, for all you hipsters). The two blend quite nicely on this song, which can be found on Zero 7's newest release, The Garden. This song is perfect for putting your hand out the car window (preferably a Volvo) on a starry night with a scenic backdrop. 8. Ben Harper - Another Lonely Day I know what you're thinking; "Ben Harper is so not cool." Well shutup. Ben Harper is the epitome of cool. He may appeal to a different audience, but anyone who enjoys Iron & Wine or Jose Gonzalez should fall in love with this song. While the message isn't exactly peachy, it still brings back fond memories for me, especially on long night drives. 9. Imogen Heap - Hallelujah This song, featured so gloriously on the season finale of the OC, is Imogen Heap's humble rendition of a classic. While Jeff Buckley's version is more well known, I believe that Immy's voice (a capella) holds up quite nicely. Be sure to keep your eyes open through this one, and keep the tears in. Nobody likes a crybaby. 10. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Biomusicology I had the incredible privilage of seeing this song played live (5 times), and I can honestly say that this song is one of the best I've ever heard. From the opening chord to the violin-ridden bridge to the unparalleled climax, Ted has created a masterpiece so fitting for this mixtape that I actually hate myself for not putting it on the first mixtape. Once again, I bow down to the beauty that is Theodore Leo. Thanks again for checking out the mixtape and sorry I have been so out of it with updates. Also, keep a look out for future mixtapes, including, but not limited to, hip-hop, instrumentals, and guilty pleasures. Have a nice drive, and buckle up. It's the law. -Zack

Monday, July 24, 2006

All Things Go is not dead...again

Sorry for the lack of updates recently folks. But as has been said before, All Things Go is not dead...we're just lazy. In all seriousness, the summer has been quite a busy time for the ATG crew, making it more difficult to squeeze in a post here and there during our free time. But no worries, the posting will return to its normal pace soon (most likely tonight). And just to prove to you that we still care dearly about the site, we are currently engaged in discussion over what could be important decisions on how the website looks, functions, etc. So once again, us here at ATG apologize for the lack of fresh material, but keep checking the site for new posts. Thanks everybody! -Adrian

Monday, July 17, 2006


Recently, the district hasn't been producing any truly impressive nor influental bands (with the exception of Dischord bands, Darkest Hour, Ted Leo...the list only goes on for so long). I haven't been able to go to any local band performance and walk out enlightened. However, there are some exceptions. A couple months ago I attended a small show in the backroom of the Black Cat. Two bands were on the bill: the Drugstore Cowboys (post) and the focus of this post, Cutlery. I hadn't written about these guys after the show only because I hadn't been able to get my hands on all their tracks. Luckily, I was able to get them from my buddy Joey, and now I can pass some on to you. Cutlery brings together different styles of music to create one of the most impressive live performances I've ever seen. As well as the amazing music, they also have film snippets rolling on the back of the stage while they go through their set. But regardless of the visual effects, Cutlery's blend of electronic music with driving rock guitar and passionate vocals were enough to provide me with what I saw as an A+ performance. Some songs focus more on synth and computers while others rely more on the instrumental side of the band. The only somewhat negative thing I have to say about the band is that their online recorded material seems to dwell too much on electronics. That being said, there's all the more reason to check out their live show; Brendan Funkhouser's impressive guitarwork and Ryan Grimes' heartfelt vocals are two things you can only really soak in when the band's playing right in front of you. Cutlery - Johnny Can't Be Dead Cutlery - Karen Cutlery - Never Forgive Action -Adrian

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Amazing Screw On Head

Once again, another non-music-related post. This show looks so cool that I had to make a post on it. Mike Mignola's (of Hellboy fame) comic "The Amazing Screw On Head" is being transformed into a cartoon for the Sci Fi Channel. Luckily, the pilot episode has been put up for viewing on the channel's website. Watch it! It's about twenty minutes long and kicks ass. Now I have a reason to watch the Sci Fi Channel (other than Stargate of course).
The Amazing Screw On Head

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Guest Blogger - Oliver: They Might Be Giants Venue Songs and Podcast Review

Hey there ATG readers. My name is Oliver and I’m Zack’s older brother. I know, it’s embarrassing and given his poor hygiene I was hesitant to admit it (Zack’s Note: I actually smell like the dew on a tulip on a fresh Spring day. I haven’t done a Zack’s Note in a while. I should do more). Regardless I was given the latest They Might Be Giants Venue Songs and Podcast by Zack for my last birthday (25) as I am a lifelong fan. Note that it has taken me some time to write this review. I don’t know why it has taken this long, I mean beyond my family’s genetic procrastination gift, but what matters is that I am doing it now. By the way, that is a superb argument to use with your parents or significant others…Really, try it. But now lets get to the music. I have been a fan of TMBG since I first heard them on a road trip when I was 12 or so. I, like so many others, was sucked in by the likes of “Particle Man” and “Istanbul” but over time grew to love the more esoteric riffs, i.e. most of John Henry or Apollo 18, and have faithfully listened to everything since. I once attended a TMBG concert only to discover upon arrival that it was a kids’ show in a theater filled to 8 year olds for the kid’s album. I was the only non-parent there and it ROCKED! The Selected Podcasts are mixed bag. I think John and John (the duo that is TMBG) have either been going to a lot of raves or they just got a new synthesizer and have been mating with it (as exemplified in “E Eats Everything”). Constant low beats drive this track with TMBG almost nonsensical lyrics; Entertaining sure, but halfway through you wonder if anything else is going to happen. “A Boy in Love with You” harkens back to the golden days of Flood and Factory Showroom. A mix of excitement of love, or lust really, and longing for girl who looks at you like you threw up on her shoes (the ATG staff may know this feeling intimately). The remaining tracks are hit and miss, some obviously done up to make a Podcast deadline. Definitely worth the time for a TMBG fan but if you are new to the Giants I suggest going back to Flood or Why Does the Sun Shine. The Venue Songs are a breath of fresh TMBG air. Seriously. In the style of Apollo 18 there are 46 tracks rarely lasting more than 2 minutes. I thought hard about how to talk about this album and finally decided to only single out a few tracks to discuss. Before I get to those I feel I should mention that all the tracks rock. I was pleasantly surprised upon my first listening that I never once had the urge to skip a track or turn it off for a bit (as some people need to). The tracks were written by John and John at the venues they were playing at and that is easily heard with the obvious love TMBG put into them. If you’re fortunate enough to be from a city with its own theme, like Houston, you will no doubt find it intimate and hysterical. Even if your town doesn’t rate (DC didn’t, and that’s a bone I would care to pick with TMBG if given the chance) the tracks are well worth the listen. All of them. Specifically, “Brooklyn” is terrific. As the home of TMBG you might expect some rockout-no-sleep-till-brooklyn-old-block kind of track. The truth is the opposite; a heartfelt, vaguely choral, tribute to that overlooked and up-and-coming borough that birthed TMBG. It almost makes me cry sometimes (but only sometimes) feeling their love for Brooklyn, a longing for home from a band always on the move. “Vancouver” is also a fantastic track. It starts off haunting like “Jesse’s Girl” (if you don’t get that reference than go away and listen to it you inbred and uncultured freak) but rocks out into a purely TMBG lyrical love song. “Love is Eternity” is the best lesson on relationships in song form ever. I am not kidding. “Tippecanoe and Tyler too” is odd and awesome. “Bloodmobile” is TMBG literally making a textbook sound like pop music. Just listen. TMBG also provides live performances of the track at the venue the song was written for. All in all Venue Songs is a highly entertaining compendium of TMBG music and wit. John and John have put together a great package deal here and I urge you to try them on for size. Whether a dyed in the wool TMBGer or a virgin to John and John, you should find this, if nothing else, intellectually stimulating. They Might Be Giants - Brooklyn [download or die] They Might Be Giants - Vancouver They Might Be Giants - Tippecanoe and Tyler Too They Might Be Giants - Bloodmobile They Might Be Giants - Love is Eternity -Oliver

Los Campesinos!

All I really have to say about this song is that it's fun as fuck. My brother played it for me in the car the other day. I instantly fell in love with it. Don't let the ExplosionsInTheSky-esque intro fool you. After about a minute or so, the song bursts into a jig that makes you wanna dance around your room in your underwear. And the thick british accent makes the song all the more awesome. Usually, heavy accents such as this one don't help the music for me, but the vocals in "You! Me! Dancing!" complement the song perfectly. This is easily one of the happiest songs I've heard in a while and will most likely be one of the defining tracks of this summer. Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing! Seeing as that's pretty much all I wanted to say about the song, here's a clever description the band wrote on their MySpace!: Hold on now youngster, this is a good thing to look into the maw of the void, but let's not be excessive, there is still Los Campesinos!. And one day you will wake in the middle of the night and the water on your face will not be from the cold sweat that your dreams of impending doom have produced but from tears of joy squeezed out by a lingering melody, a droning violin, a haunting mantra or a panic attack brought on by a song so tight and serene and messy and polished and dense that it suffocates you like the fumes of the paint that made your favourite album covers. Actually, it's just pop music. Enjoy! -Adrian

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Voicst is a band that I was turned on to by Derek through one of the famous "Lizzy Mixes". I hadn't really given them a chance, but after playing their first single, "Whatever You Want From Life" a few times, I really grew to like it. The trio from Amsterdam have a sound very similar to All Things Go favorite Ted leo & the Pharmacists, with upbeat melodies, singalong vocals, and fast guitar riffs. Their album, 11-11, is set for release in the US on August 1st on their own label, Duurtlang Records. I really enjoy the first single (available for download below) and can't wait for the release of the album, which I will review once it is released. Voicst - Whatever You Want From Life [download or die] -Zack

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy (Merry?) Fourth of July

I'm well aware that we really should change our blog name from All Things Go to All Things Adrian due to my complete and total lack of posts in the past month. It's been kinda hectic for me recently what with graduation, beach week, jobs, explosive diarrhea, and saving the world. Anyways, it's time for me to get back on track and get writing. Unless you're a commie bastard, you are aware that today is July 4th, the day of independence of all of us citizens of this fine nation we know as the United States of America, home of cheeseburgers, football, and mullets. With all of the anti-war sentiment and civil unrest, it's easy to jump on the "I hate America" or "I'm moving to Canada" bandwagon, but today is a time to set this all aside and feel just a little bit patriotic. I am going to be watching the Italy vs. Germany World Cup semifinal match, (and pulling for Italy because Germany knocked out my boy Messi and Argentina). I'm also doing some good ole' Amurrican BBQ and kickin' it with some friends. It's July 4th, so everyone get out your firecrackers, coozies, and shitty American beers (Goddamn you High Life Light) and raise your glasses to the finest country on the finest planet. With that in mind, here are some America/Freedom/Independence related songs to get you going. Have a wonderful Independence Day, and make sure to check HBO Family which is showing ID4 back-to-back-to-back (I can't get enough of Will Smith). The Decemeberists - July, July! Jurassic 5 - Freedom Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American Mike Doughty - American Car Simon & Garfunkel - America Dntel - Fireworks Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Loyal to My Sorrowful Country -Zack

Sunday, July 02, 2006

New Legion of Doom Song

Remeber the Legion of Doom? Well they're back with a brand new mash-up. But this one's not as emotastic. Instead, they decided to take two popular songs, Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" and the Raconteurs' "Steady As She Goes" (and throw in a little Grandmaster Flash for kicks), to bring you the aptly-titled "Crazy As She Goes." They pull it off with great success. It's also a nice break from the usual combination of emo and hardcore songs. If you haven't yet heard their older material from Incorporated, check out their MySpace. Or, if you'd like to find download links for the songs, check out the forum on their official website. The Legion of Doom - Crazy As She Goes -Adrian

The Rescue EP: Free Download

Texas instrumental pioneers Explosions in the Sky have done everybody a favor and posted 2005's somewhat-hard-to-find The Rescue EP up for free download on their website! This is a pretty cool thing for a band of their stature to do so I suggest you all go ahead and grab it while it's still up. For those of you who haven't heard of this release, the idea is that for eight days the band was going to create eight songs, one for each day. Although it's not their best, anything new from the band is always welcome. Look out for their new album in the beginning of 2007.

The Rescue EP

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street


New Outkast Songs

Obscure Sound, a goodlookin' indie music blog, has posted up two new Outkast songs off their upcoming release, Idlewild, for listening. And as usual, they kick ass. In the first song, "Idlewild Blues," a traditional blues guitar riff is transformed into what can only be an awesome Outkast song. And while Andre sings on that one, "Morris Brown" seems like a track that could have easily appeared as a single off of Big Boi's Speakerboxxx. I'm not going to describe them any further because OS does enough of that. But once again, many thanks to Obscure Sound for posting these two tracks up. Listen to Outkast's "Idlewild Blues" and "Morris Brown" here. -Adrian