Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Los Campesinos!

All I really have to say about this song is that it's fun as fuck. My brother played it for me in the car the other day. I instantly fell in love with it. Don't let the ExplosionsInTheSky-esque intro fool you. After about a minute or so, the song bursts into a jig that makes you wanna dance around your room in your underwear. And the thick british accent makes the song all the more awesome. Usually, heavy accents such as this one don't help the music for me, but the vocals in "You! Me! Dancing!" complement the song perfectly. This is easily one of the happiest songs I've heard in a while and will most likely be one of the defining tracks of this summer. Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing! Seeing as that's pretty much all I wanted to say about the song, here's a clever description the band wrote on their MySpace!: Hold on now youngster, this is a good thing to look into the maw of the void, but let's not be excessive, there is still Los Campesinos!. And one day you will wake in the middle of the night and the water on your face will not be from the cold sweat that your dreams of impending doom have produced but from tears of joy squeezed out by a lingering melody, a droning violin, a haunting mantra or a panic attack brought on by a song so tight and serene and messy and polished and dense that it suffocates you like the fumes of the paint that made your favourite album covers. Actually, it's just pop music. Enjoy! -Adrian


Cousy said...

Yeah, I heard about these guys a few weeks ago on the blogs.

They're friggin' great eh?

Really fun music and I like the gang vocals.

Good work sirs. Keep it up.

Jaime said...