Saturday, May 20, 2006

Slow Runner

Slow Runner is an awesome band. I recently received the advance of their debut LP, No Disassemble, in the mail from my good friend Sonya over at Cornerstone Promotion, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. These guys seem to be a fairly unconventional band. I can't exactly describe their sound, so I'll let their bio do it for them: "This is what we hope our music sounds like: interesting, lyrical pop music shot out into space, bouncing around the satellites and getting mixed in with all their beeping and blipping. like if r2-d2 had an aching heart and a love for the noisiest beatles songs. ideally, if you took out the depressing lyrics and substituted in educational stuff about sharing with others and the states and capitals, you could sit down at a piano and have a classroom of kids singing along within minutes." That pretty much sums up these guys. I really recommend Slow Runner to those not easily annoyed with synths, and also those interested in bands that create a diverse range of music all on one cd. Slow Runner draws comparisons to a less whiny Get Up Kids, though only on a few songs. My favorite track, "Break Your Mama's Back" features these poppy synths in action, and is definitely worth a listen. "The Sea Is Never Full" and "Streamlined" are more lullaby type tracks, but both are quite mature and beautiful for a band that has never released a full-length album until now. I also highly recommend "12.19.03", an eeriely pretty song featuring an interesting drum rhythm and falsetto vocals. I know I say that every band is going to get huge, so I wont say it again. But I will say that you wont regret grabbing these few songs, and No Disassemble, out in stores now. Also, make sure to check out their US tour along with The Sam Roberts Band and others, including a stop in Arlington, VA on June 13th which I will be attending. Slow Runner - No Disassemble: 1. no disassemble 2. break your mama's back [download or die] 3. the sea is never full 4. everything is exactly what it seems 5. you're in luck 6. happy 7. streamlined 8. 12.19.03 9. redneck bar 10. class of '86 11. don't let them see me like this 12. moody suburban teenage love song Visit their official site and buy a copy of No Disassemble here -Zack


Anonymous said...

is it just me or are the links not working?

Zack said...

i think it might be just you anonymous. if you want the tracks though, send me your email address and ill hook you up