Monday, February 20, 2006

The Acorn

The Acorn is the brain child of Rolf Klausener’s solo project which is simply known as Mr. Computer. Starting on one of Canada’s first “indie” labels, Kelp, Mr. Computer’s folktronica sound found a safe spot with other experimental artist such as Professor Undressor. The Acorn was formed a year after Mr. Computer's production, when the blips, bleeps, and acoustic guitar wasn’t enough for Rolf. The band struggled at first to break away from the tone set by Mr. Computer but within a short time were able to put together a few instrumental tracks that incorporated the whole band, and weren't full of overbearing computer produced filler. Their debut full length album, The Pink Ghosts, hit Canada’s underground in the summer of 2004, not even a year after the band was formed. After this release, The Acorn toured pretty much only in Canada, and have since wrote their follow up EP titled Blankets. The Acorn's music mixes subtle uplifting melodies, with refreshing break-downs. Their sound is perfectly delicate, without being too tame. I’m calling it officially right now, it is only a matter of time before The Acorn take over and spark a much needed change in the folk-indie royalty that is brainwashing America. Go buy The Pink Ghosts and Blankets now, or else you will just be jumping on the bandwagon later….and I will be there to say…”I told you so”.

The Acorn is: Rolf Klausener, Howie Tsui, Jeffrey Malecki, Jeff DeButte

Also you can Download a Zip file of The Acorn live at the Royal Albert, here

Blankets – (Nov. 2005) Plates & Saucers – (Nov. 2005) Darcy– (July 2004) Evidence – (July 2004)

Also be sure to check out Howie Tsui’s super cool website,


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