Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Spill Canvas: Rare Demos

First off, let me give mad props to my buddy Matt who sent me these demos. Thanks dude! The Spill Canvas has come a long way since their beginning. The band has released two albums off of indie label One Eleven Records. The first, Sunsets & Car Crashes, was a beautiful acoustic album pretty much all from the mind of 19-year old front-man Nick Thomas. TSC's sophomore album, One Fell Swoop, is in my opinion one of the best albums of 2005. Instead of creating another entirely acoustic album, Thomas decided to add a band: drums, bass, et al (whatever that means). This album still managed to capture all the emotion of S&CC while also adding an edge which could not be done solely with acoustic guitars. The majority of these demos are acoustic (except for Rock Bottom which adds some percussion), but still good. Fans of S&CC will be sure to enjoy these tracks. If you are interested in listening to the other four which are not posted, IM me (AIM: onearmedscizzer) and I'll be happy to get them to you. For those of you who haven't listened to the Spill Canvas before, here are two essential tracks you must listen to, one from each of their albums... The Spill Canvas - Lust At Prima Vista [download or die] The Spill Canvas - The Tide Rare Demos (Zack's Note: like, as rare as Mew, the pokemon, which is pretty rare. If you didn't notice i love pokemon): The Spill Canvas - Rock Bottom The Spill Canvas - If I Could Write it In Blood The Spill Canvas - Catching Sparks -Adrian


Alex said...

I restarted my Pokemon game a while ago Zack and I got $5 that says I can whoop the shit out of you.

P.S. We each get scene points, if those are still around, for being public about our playing of old video games from our childhood.

Everett said...

pokemon was, is, and always will be totally awesome.

that said, "All Hail the Heartbreaker" is my choice for most essential Spill Canvas track.

Adrian said...

(Adrians note: lick my nutsac zachary)

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